20 cases of bovine rabies detected in San Luis Potosí

According to an official document signed by the Head of Jurisdiction, Flor Lilian Estrada Martínez, they have been detected in San Luis Potosi 20 cases of bovine paralytic rabiesfor which the health units in the state are asked to intensify epidemiological surveillance.

He explained that this disease is transmitted by bat bite, so in addition, the measures for the population in case they suffer said bite are disclosed. It should be washed immediately with soap and water and then go urgently for medical attention.

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It is mentioned that prompt care should be given in the event that patients present with any type of bite from domestic animals, but with emphasis on bat bites.

In a common way these bites can occur in inhabitants of communities, or in those who carry out activities in the field, so they are recommended not to sleep outdoors, and in homes to install mosquito netting.

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