10 activities you can do at the Guadalajara Zoo this summer

The kids at home are on vacation and what better way to make their rest days entertaining and fun.

The Guadalajara Zoo is an unmissable tourist destination this summer, without a doubt, there is a wide range of entertainment, fun and knowledge that you can find in the zoo, so this time 10 activities are recommended that you can do during your visit.

Kalimantan, the palace of the orangutans. SPECIAL / GUADALAJARA ZOO.


It is the new attraction of the zoo, since Kalimantanthe palace of the orangutans is the new habitat of the orangutan family that opens this summerdon’t forget to meet Jan di Y Meishathe little pups of only five months old, are a real cuteness.

Visit the giraffes, located next to station 3. EL INFORMADOR • JA CAMACHO.


Now you can feed giraffes directly from your hand and get an incredible close-up with the tallest mammal on earth.. Visit the zoo and meet Joan, Louise and their little babies. Locate this space next to station three.

Live the experience of touring the zoo through the air. SPECIAL / GUADALAJARA ZOO.

Sky Zoo

Fly over the zoo from 15 meters high in its cable car Sky Zoo and admire the inhabitants of the zoo such as gorillas, wolves, lions, licaones (wild dogs) and many more animals, in addition to the impressive panoramic views.

One of the attractions is the Herpetarium. THE INFORMER • ARCHIVE.


If you like strong emotions, visit the Herpetarium, where you can find a wide variety of snakes, from the largest to the most poisonous. You can also find extraordinary creatures like the Mexican axolotls.

The Veterinary Ranch is one of the activities that most attracts the attention of young visitors. THE INFORMER • ARCHIVE.

Veterinary Ranch

The veterinary ranch gives the little ones the opportunity to become Veterinarians For A Daya workshop where they will learn about the care of domestic animals.

Lawrence Y
Clau They are two beautiful manatees that you can meet at the zoo. SPECIAL / GUADALAJARA ZOO.


Lawrence Y Clauare the manatees that wait for visitors to feed them, watch them swim and take a souvenir photo. Find them in Puerto Manatí inside the Guadalajara Aquarium.

Antarctica, the kingdom of the penguins It is a great attraction to meet. SPECIAL/Photo by Dylan Shaw on Unsplash.

Antarctica, the kingdom of the penguins

You can not stop visiting Antarctica, the kingdom of the penguins. Admire them in their underwater habitat, where they develop their great ability to move quickly in the water or make great jumps to get to the surface. Take the challenge to see how long you can last by touching the ice wall and interact with the virtual reality screen.

Animal world You will be able to know how the zoo works. SPECIAL / GUADALAJARA ZOO.

Animal world

If you want to know how the zoo works inside, do fun activities, learn about the animals and make new friends, take part in the summer courses Animal world. Ask for reports at 3334170404 or email [email protected]

Red kangaroos attract the attention of visitors in the Australian Village. SPECIAL/Photo by Manny Moreno on Unsplash.

Australian Village

The new Australian Village, located next to the pyramidal aviaries, has two large free flight aviaries of lories, Australian parrots and nymphs, in addition to the space dedicated to these enormous jumpers, the red kangaroos.

The Huentitan Ravine. SPECIAL / GUADALAJARA ZOO.

Huentitan Canyon

The beautiful landscape that the Barranca de Huentitán gives us, this natural lung that fills with lifenot only to the Guadalajara Zoo, but to the entire ZMG.

Don’t forget to take a lot selfie and tag them on the social networks of the Guadalajara Zoo, since they love to know what the experience of their visitors is like.

Guadalajara Zoo

Holiday hours: LD 09:30 to 18:00 hrs.

Until August 28.

With information from the Guadalajara Zoo.



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