The Government reported the name of the new seremi of Government of Bío Bío, after the departure of Francesca Parodi for his nomination to Congress.

Is about Daniel Garcés Maldonado, As reported on Monday by the presidential delegate of Bío Bío, Patricio Kuhn, who will take over from this day.

Garcés is a political scientist from the Universidad del Desarrollo and a master’s degree in Public Policy from the same university.

Before his appointment, he served as chief of staff of the Seremi de Gobierno, a role he had held since 2018, it was indicated.

Prior to that, he was also a teacher at the Universidad del Desarrollo de Concepción, and a researcher at the Center for Public Policies of the Faculty of Government of this same institution.

Let us remember that Francesca Parodi will run for deputy for the 20th district in the Bío Bío region, for Evópoli.