New increase for domestic staff: how are the salary scales

In the framework of a new meeting of the Salary Council for Workers of Private Houses at the headquarters of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and National Social Security, a new increase was agreed for workers of Private Houses.

The joint agreement includes a 6% increase in November and will later be added between 2% and 5% in December. The annual accumulated parity (which includes from June of this year to May 2022), will reach 50%. At the meeting a new review was agreed for March 2022.

How are the scales for the staff

SUPERVISOR: Coordination and control of the tasks carried out by two or more people under their charge
Withdrawal staff: Time: $ 279.5
Staff without withdrawal: Hour $ 306

STAFF FOR SPECIFIC TASKS: Cooks hired exclusively to carry out this work, and all other household tasks that require special suitability of the staff to carry it out.
Personnel with withdrawal: Time: $ 264.5
Staff without withdrawal: Hour $ 290

HOMEOWNERS: Personnel who perform tasks inherent to the general care and preservation of a home where they live due to the employment contract.
Hour: $ 249.5

ASSISTANCE AND CARE OF PEOPLE: It includes the assistance and non-therapeutic care of people, such as: sick people, with disabilities, children, adolescents, older adults.
Staff with withdrawal: $ 249.5
Staff without withdrawal: $ 279.5

STAFF FOR GENERAL TASKS: Provision of cleaning, washing, ironing, maintenance, preparation and cooking of meals and, in general, all other typical household tasks.
Staff with withdrawal: $ 231.5
Staff without withdrawal: $ 249.5
Source: Ámbito Financiero

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