New edition of BBB will have surfer Pedro Scooby and sprinter Paulo André

This Friday, the TV Globo announced the participants of the 2022 edition of the reality show Big Brother Brasil. Among those selected, two athletes: surfer Pedro Scooby and Olympic athlete Paulo André.

Surfing since he was 5 years old, Pedro Scooby is a “freesurfer”, that is, he does not participate in competitions or tournaments, but travels the world to surf the biggest waves possible. The surfer lives in Nazaré, Portugal, and has the beach there as one of his most familiar ones. There, he surfed waves of more than 20 meters and spent some time in the sport

Outside of sports, the athlete is the father of Dom, Bem and Liz, his children with actress Luana Piovani, his ex-wife. At 33, Scooby finds himself fulfilled in surfing and in his personal life. “My big dream as a kid was to be a surfer. The other dream was to be a father. Both were successfully performed. I think today my biggest dream is to keep this life”, he commented.

Surfer Pedro Scooby will participate in the new edition of BBB (Image: Reproduction)

A sprinter, Paulo André specializes in the 100-meter dash. Son of fellow Olympian Carlos José Camilo, the young man commented on his relationship with sport. “I’ve always liked sport a lot. As a child, I surfed, did karate, swimming. But my characteristic has always been speed and, like every boy, I wanted to play ball. My father encouraged me, and I went deep into his trajectory in athletics, I wanted to continue and it worked”, he said.

At the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, the Brazilian reached the semifinals of the 100 meters, but did not qualify for the decision. Paulo André was leader of the quartet champion in the 2019 World Relay 4x100m and, in 2018, ran the 100m in 10s02, consolidating himself as the second fastest man in the history of Brazil.

The athlete would still break Robson Caetano’s South American record of 10s in 2019, achieving the 9s90 mark, but the wind in the race was above the allowed, nullifying the mark. If the result was valid, he would be the first athlete on the continent to break the 10s mark.

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