New Day classifieds: “The search is increasingly digital”

On the return to a new normal, The New Day Diary launches an impressive and beneficial “Classifieds” section that will be in charge of Ignacio Dieguez, a Marketing specialist, and that will have Lucas Espinoza as a sales reference.

For this launch, Nuevo Día acquired the work already done by “Santa Cruz Classifieds”, which now becomes “Classifieds New Day”.

“I am very happy to join the team and contribute from my experience and work with the classifieds, which is a project that has been going on for more than two or three years and that, with the current situation of Covid, it is essential to contribute from this side for businesses and professionals who need to make themselves known so much, ”said Ignacio.

Then he added: “The search is increasingly digital and when I started with this project there was no digital offer and we capitalized this with Santa Cruz Classifieds, which is now part of Classifieds Nuevo Día.”


Ignacio Dieguez, in charge of the Classifieds

Ignacio commented that Classifieds Nuevo Día is a guide to classifieds, businesses and services, given that “in the digital world there are no spaces of this type to make themselves known and many people do it on Facebook, with publications that have no reach, because after 5 minutes of publishing, you have another 50 above and that makes them unable to position themselves. ”

In addition, he commented: “In this case, what we offer is that professionals, businesses and services have a presence in the digital world, that they are contacted through our website, through WhatsApp or by phone with super complete profiles and that is the difference with paper, with photos, video, descriptions without character limits and with a map with the location in real time to find the place. “

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