New booster doses: Calendar includes all vaccines of the initial inoculation scheme

During this day it became known the booster vaccination schedule for the week of October 12-15, which also includes all people, regardless of the primary vaccine they received.

From Tuesday, October 12, they will be able to be vaccinated with the booster dose all people 55 years of age or older who have completed their vaccination schedule by June 6, regardless of the vaccine administered.

Under this scenario, who have received the Cansino, Janssen, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Generium, Moderna, Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccines they will be able to begin their booster dose process.

Likewise, starting this week we will proceed to inoculate with booster dose for those under 55 years of age with doses other than Coronavac in your initial vaccination schedule, which must have been completed until March 21.

Vaccination schedule

In the same way, the process of booster doses will continue in children under 55 years who were vaccinated with Sinovac, and whose vaccination schedule was completed up to may 23, and who must attend according to the days stipulated in the calendar.

Vaccination schedule

It should be noted that from Minsal they reported that the effectiveness of the booster vaccines against covid-19, on day 14 after it has been administered corresponds to a 56% to 80% for Sinovac, 56% to 90% for Pfizer-BioNtech, and 56% to 93% for AstraZeneca.

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