New Blood breaks audience records for its US finale

Dexter : New Blood is now the most-watched series in Showtime history, averaging over 8 million viewers per week.

Few series have suffered a volley of green wood like Dexter at the conclusion of its eighth season, in the year 2013. Before the arrival of Dexter : New Blood, this eighth season served as the overall conclusion of the series. She is also regularly quoted alongside How I met Your Mother, Lost, Game of Thrones or Skins like one of the worst endings for a blockbuster series.

As a reminder, the series tells the daily life of Dexter Morgan (played by Michael C. Hall), a serial killer channeling his impulses by executing criminals who have passed through the cracks of the judicial net. To mask this killer activity, he works for the Miami police, as a forensic expert specializing in the analysis of traces of blood.

“What, even Code Quantum is going to get a reboot? Are you sure?”

Since November 2021, and the broadcast of Dexter : New Blood, the ten-episode ninth season of the series (whose bloody review), it seems that the hatchet has been buried in view of the excellent results of this new season, which made the executives of Showtime very enthusiastic, to image of Gary Levine:

“We’re excited by the overwhelming response from millions of Dexter: New Blood fans over the past 10 weeks. Whether they loved the season’s conclusion or struggled to see the series end, we appreciate their passion. .”

Indeed, Dexter : New Blood became the most-watched series in Showtime history, with an average of 8 million spectators per week during the broadcast of its 10 episodes. The final episode meanwhile brought in 3 million viewers on the Sunday it aired, making it the biggest series finale aired on Showtime in nearly eight years. It manages to surpass the conclusion of season 3 of Homeland, which held the channel’s highest first-run score.

Dexter : New Blood : Julia Jones, Michael C. Hall

When she tells you that the next series to come back is Californication

Showtime can congratulate itself that of the 3 million spectators of the final episode, two of them watched it online. Thanks to Dexter : New Blood and the performance of Yellowjackets, the channel recorded its highest volume of new subscriptions during the last three months of 2021.

This umpteenth performance of a return to a series after nearly a decade of hiatus proves to us once again the strike force of spectator nostalgias. Whether it’sHalloween, Sex & the City, Ghostbusters Where Cobra Kai, Hollywood seems to find good reason to exhume our idols to offer us “return” or “legacyquel” seasons (hear returns of series or films where the main characters having aged have now become supporting characters, ready to pass the torch).

To watch the latest adventures of Dexter with Dexter : New Blood, it’s on Canal+ that it’s happening in France.

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