Netflix to release uncensored movie about Marilyn Monroe

The announcement of the delay in the premiere of “Blonde” came as a surprise to all who are eagerly awaiting the Andrew Dominik film. The long-awaited adaptation of the novel by Joyce Carol Oates inspired by the life of Marilyn Monroe, played by Ana de Armas, would not arrive until 2022.

Netflix, distributor of the film produced by Plan B Entertainment (Brad Pitt’s production company) was counting on this project to be its workhorse for the next awards season. Apparently, the explicit content of the film would have put the streaming platform on alert.

“Blonde” includes both a rape scene and a cunnilingus drenched in menstrual bloodSomething that has been too much for the company’s standards and has forced Dominik’s film to remain in limbo for months.

However, the specialized site World of Reel states that Netflix has decided to release the film despite everything, without giving a release date yet. It is therefore expected that “Blonde” will be incorporated into the platform’s catalog at some point in 2022 (about three years after its filming concluded) and without any censorship.

The director of “Kill them gently” already warned that his “Blonde” was a very visual bet and “with very little dialogue”, despite the fact that he considered that it could be his most accessible work. However, her work on the script since 2010 always aimed to have an intense collage of images and situations that told the story of Norma Jean Mortenson (Marilyn’s real name), “as the protagonist of a fairy tale: a little orphan lost in the woods of Hollywood “.

“It is the story of how a childhood trauma shapes an adult woman, divided between her public and private self,” declared the direct to the Collider site in 2020.

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