Netflix suspends three employees over protest

Netflix suspended three employees who broke into a virtual meeting between company executives in protest of the broadcast of “The Closer”, a film by comedian Dave Chappelle whose comments about transgender people have caused controversy.

The workers showed up (virtually) at Netflix’s quarterly business review, which brings together the top 500 positions, even though they weren’t invited, so the company opened a file.

“It is absolutely untrue that we have suspended any employees for tweeting about the program. We encourage our employees to openly disagree and support their right to do so,” a company spokesperson said.

“The Closer,” a show produced by popular American comedian Dave Chappelle, premiered on Netflix last week and it has been met with strong opposition from some employees.

In the film, Chappelle affirms that the community of trans people has “very thin” skin, and supports the messages in which the writer JK Rowling defended her position “TERF”, a term coined to group the feminist movement that excludes women. transsexual people.

Also, the comedian criticizes the so-called “culture of cancellation.”

Among the suspended workers is Terra Field, a software engineer who defines herself as a trans woman and whose tweets questioning the program have achieved great repercussion.

“The problem is that people respond to something we never said. We don’t complain about ‘being offended’ and we don’t have ‘thin skin,'” Field explained.

“What we object to is the damage that this type of content does to the trans community, especially to trans people of color and VERY specifically to black trans women. People like me are being murdered, I am a white woman,” she added earlier. of naming 38 black trans women who were murdered this year.

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Likewise, the GLAAD association has asked that Netflix listen to the demands and the producer of one of its series, “Dear White People”, He has said that he will not work with them again.

The controversy has forced Ted Sarandos, founder of Netflix, to defend the production.

“As with other talents, we work hard to support their creative freedom, although this means that there will always be content on Netflix that some people believe is harmful,” he explained in an internal statement released by Variety.

“We do not allow titles that incite hatred and violence and we do not believe that ‘The Closer’ crosses that line,” he justified.

Sarandos gave as an example the controversy caused by other films such as “Cuties”, that denounces the hypersexualization of girls, and “My Unorthodox Life”, who was criticized in religious circles for dealing with a fashion entrepreneur who leaves a community of Orthodox Jews.



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