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WARNING, SPOILER ALERT. According to the podcast of the same name created by Marc Sollinger and Daniel Powell, “file 81″ is a series of Netflix created by Rebecca Sonnenshine and produced by James Wan which is split into two timelines, one in the present day where, Dan Turner, an archivist agrees to restore video tapes that Melody Pendras recorded twenty-five years ago when he moves into the Visser building with the intention of doing an oral history report on the former residential structure and finding out what happened to his biological mother.

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After accepting the proposal of Virgil Davenport, CEO of an obscure multinational company called LMG, Dan begins to experience things that have no explanation and discovers that he is somehow related to the recordings’ protagonist.

After recovering some tapes, Turner finds himself immersed in the story of Melody, who is involved in a mysterious cult and which will apparently have a tragic end, since the building burned down in 1920. So, Dan tries to save her.

Melody recording the paranormal events that occur in the Visser Building (Picture: Netflix)


Although at first he is suspicious of the help the Father has tried to offer Jess, a fourteen-year-old resident of the building, after her death he discovers that Samuel is the leader of the demonic cult, that several tenants are part of the group, who uses the mold in the basement to control them and that he plans to sacrifice the little girl.

Meanwhile, Dan realizes that his dreams with Melody are real, that the young woman was his father’s patient, that Virgil is Samuel’s brother, and that another man worked on other tapes and died. shortly after finishing.

Shortly after seeing Kaelego, the entity worshiped by the cult, leave the screens, Dan was beaten and taken home. Obviously, Virgil denies the archivist’s accusations and accuses him of suffering from a psychotic crisis as a result of stress at work.

After Dan’s father takes Melody to Rockland, Turner has no way of following her story, but Iris Vos’ ritual tape gives him an idea: look for Anabelle Cho, who is still in the asylum and waiting. the protagonist of file 81″. She assures that Melody is in the afterlife.

After telling Anabelle about Iris, Melody returns to the building and convinces Jess to escape. However, Samuel reveals that he actually needs Pendras, as he has magical Baldung blood, so he cuts off her hand and forces her to touch Kaelego’s statue.

The ritual helps bring Iris back, but again it goes awry and instead of taking her out of this world with the entity, they are trapped. This is why their bodies were not found after the fire.

Melody after leaving the
Melody after leaving the Otherworld and arriving in the present at the end of ‘File 81’ (Photo: Netflix)


When Dan confirms that his father was trying to help Melody, he agrees to complete his mission and seeks information on Virgil. Davenport reveals to her that her family died because her father kept the tapes.

Dan tries to save Melody and gains an unexpected ally: Julia, Pendras’ mother who is also a Baldung and wants to bring her daughter back. The woman promises to open the door for five minutes and warns the archivist that Kaelego will try to hold him back.

Turner finds Melody, however, before they can leave, the entity appears to stop them. Julia manages to push him away, but Samuel intervenes and separates the couple. When the veil closes, Melody arrives in the Archivist’s timeline, while Turner wakes up in 1994. What does this leap mean? Did Samuel also manage to escape? Where are the inhabitants of the Visser building? Will they be able to save Dan?

Dan trapped in the timeline of Melody, will he return or must he complete a mission?  (Picture: Archive 81/Netflix)
Dan trapped in the timeline of Melody, will he return or must he complete a mission? (Picture: Archive 81/Netflix)

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