Netflix reports record numbers for The Witcher and Don’t Look Up

The Witcher und Don’t Look Up (c) Netflix

While the cometary comedy Don’t Look Up continues to dominate the Netflix film charts, the second season of The Witcher competes with Cobrai Kai and Emily in Paris. Here is an overview of the current streaming numbers …

To the perceived hype around the new season of The Witcher and the star-studded disaster strip “Don’t Look Up“Netflix now also presents tangible figures (if you can believe that). In the week from January 3rd to 9th, the cometary comedy starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep was number one on the company’s own streaming charts for the third time in a row – since its Christmas premiere. 58.2 million hours are said to have been accumulated during the period in question. Much more than “Mother/Android“In second place with 29.73 million.

The all-time top 10 English-language Netflix films read “Don’t Look Up“With a total of 321.52 million streaming hours worldwide in second place behind”Red Notice“With 364.02 million. Since the period of the first 28 days after publication is always compared here and Adam McKay’s climate crisis analogy has only been online for just under three weeks, it even has a little time to move up to the top spot.

For an interactive overview of all Netflix numbers in the film sector, just follow this link …

Where does The Witcher stand?

In the most recently measured period from January 3 to 9, the new season of The Witcher can only reach third place with 57.34 million streaming hours – behind the new season Cobra Kai with 107.81 million hours and Stay Close with 91 , 18 million. In fourth place are the fresh episodes Emily in Paris with 50.54 million. However, it should be remembered that Geralt von Riva (Henry Cavill) is in the top 10 for the fourth time in a row (previously mostly in the top spot), while the competition only recently started.

So only The Witcher makes it into the eternal top 10 of the English-language Netflix series with the new season. With 462.5 million hours, the season is currently in ninth place, although it could also move up a little (maybe up to the top 5). The first season of 2019 has long since made itself comfortable there: it was 541.01 million hours back then. The top spot belongs to Bridgerton with 625.49 million. Only Squid Game, as a non-English language series, could do even better with 1.650 billion hours.

Here the link for the official streaming numbers in the series on Netflix …

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