Netflix raises the price of all its plans: these are the new rates for Argentina

Users of the streaming platform will have the new values ​​from the next billing, which will depend on the plan they have

Netflix reported that there will be a further increase in prices of your plansTherefore, subscribers will have to spend more money to watch movies and series than on the streaming platform.

Subscription plans will raise your fees on the three memberships available in the country, which are basic, standard, and premium. And the increase will be from the next billing.

Users can view the information about the price increase by logging into “my account” on the streaming platform.

Regarding subscriptions, will be between 379 and 939 pesos, according to the plan, to which the corresponding tax burden must be added.

In this way, VAT of 21%, PAIS tax of 8% and the advance of income tax of 35% are added to the original rate.

The new rates

With taxes, depending on the Netflix subscription plan, users will pay the following fees:

  • Basic plan: a single screen with 480p resolution. 541.97 pesos.
  • Standard plan: with a resolution of 1,080p and two screens that can be used at the same time. 913.77 pesos.
  • Premium plan: a resolution of 4K + HDR and four screens that can be used simultaneously. 1342.77 pesos.

The reasons for the price increase

According to the company, the price increase is due to the fact that “people have more entertainment options”, for which they are working “to provide more original productions and to improve service.” In this way, they become more competitive and attractive compared to the wide range of current proposals.

They also highlighted the work done on the functionality of the platform, which in recent months received new functions for the benefit of the user.

In the last few weeks, they unveiled a new tool that was added is the “top 10 list” that was designed to help members find something to see more easily and quickly, and that would be another element to justify this upload.

These are the most watched movies and series in the history of the platform

What to watch on Netflix? This is a dilemma that, due to the enormous number of options available, is not always easy to solve.

Attentive to this question, the streaming platform disseminated which are the contents most chosen by its users. This information can be perfect to know what to see and not go wrong with the choice.

Netflix: the best movies and series, in a ranking.

Netflix: the best movies and series, in a ranking.

Most popular Netflix movies and series by number of views

The first selection feature adds up the total number of accounts that watched these series or movies for more than 2 minutes in the first 28 days of release.

Ranking de series

1. Bridgerton, season 1: 82 million.

2. Lupine, part 1: 76 million.

3. The Witcher, temporada 1: 76 millones.

4. Sex / Life, season 1: 67 million.

5. Stranger Things 3: 67 millones.

6. The paper house, part 4: 65 million.

7. Tiger King, season 1: 64 million.

8. Queen’s Gambit: 62 million.

9. Sweet Tooth, temporada 1: 60 millones.

10. Emily in Paris, season 1: 58 million.

Ranking of films

1. Extraction: 99 million.

2. Bird Box: 89 millones.

3. Spencer Confidential: 85 millones.

4. 6 Underground: 83 millones.

5. Murder Mystery: 83 million.

6. The Old Guard: 78 millones.

7. Enola Holmes: 77 million.

8. Project Power: 75 millones.

9. Army of the Dead: 75 millones.

10. Fatherhood: 74 millones.

What to watch on Netflix? * - These listings are the answer.

What to watch on Netflix? * – These listings are the answer.

The most popular series and movies by number of minutes of playback

The second criterion to verify the statistics is based on the total number of minutes of reproduction that these deliveries obtained in the 28 days after they were released.

Ranking de series

1. Bridgerton, season 1: 625 million.

2. The paper house, part 4: 619 million.

3. Stranger Things 3: 582 millones.

4. The Witcher, temporada 1: 541 millones.

5. 13 Reasons Why, season 2: 496 million.

6. 13 Reasons Why, season 1: 476 million.

7. You, season 2: 457 million.

8. Stranger Things 2: 427 millones.

9. The paper house, part 3: 426 million.

10. Ginny & Georgia, season 1: 381 million.

Ranking of films

1. Bird Box: 282 millones.

2. Extraction: 231 million.

3. The Irishman: 215 millones.

4. The Kissing Booth 2: 209 millones.

5. 6 Underground: 205 millones.

6. Spenser Confidential: 197 millones.

7. Enola Holmes: 190 million.

8. Army of the Dead: 187 millones.

9. The Old Guard: 186 millones.

10. Murder Mystery: 170 million.

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