Netflix plans to cancel one of its most watched series

This 2021, Netflix, the streaming platform with the largest number of subscribers on the planet, decided not to renew some of its programs that most promised to remain in time. One of the proposals launched in July and which quickly became successful, could eventually be canceled.

This is Outer Banks, a series of adolescents that is in its second season with good responses from the public. The fiction, produced by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate and Shannon Burke, has a total of 20 episodes that left the thousands of users of the platform with pleasure, who showed their anger at the alleged cancellation.

The story takes place on the paradise island of the Bahamas, in which a group of teenagers undertake the search for a legendary treasure related to the mysterious disappearance of the father of John B, leader of the gang.

Although the premiere of its second season generated that the series was positioned as one of the most watched titles, the success could have an end. However, at the moment they are all transcended since the news has not yet been confirmed by Netflix. This generates hope in his followers, who believe that there may be the possibility of a third season.

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