Netflix increases: these are the new prices

In the base rate, the new monthly passes will range from October 2021 between $ 379 and $ 939, depending on the plan. But That figure must be added to the taxes that the Argentine State imposes for any purchase of services that are priced in dollars. This means that the rate established by Netflix must be added a 64%.

By provision of the national government, the following additional taxes are applied, which must also be paid for contracting any platform either Netflix Amazon Prime Video and HBO Max, Spotify among other:

  • Value added tax (VAT) of 21%
  • Transaction tax (PAIS) of 8%
  • Tax by Resolution 4.815 / 2020 of 35%

In the third case, people who are not covered by Income Tax or Personal Assets can consult with the AFIP, through an application, if it corresponds to them to request the return of 35% paid on account.


These are the new Netflix prices

Basic plan (single device, SD quality)

$ 379 membership + $ 242.56 taxes

Total: $ 621.56 (before $ 457.56)

Standard plan (two devices simultaneously, HD)

$ 639 membership + $ 408.96 taxes

Total: $ 1,047.96 (before $ 752.76)

Plan premium (cuatro dispositivos, 4K + HDR)

$ 939 membership + $ 600.96 taxes

Total: $ 1,539.96 (before $ 1,097.16)

More and more competition

Experts estimate that Disney + will surpass Netflix in number of subscribers in just four years. In a report by research firm Digital TV Research, Disney + will reach more subscribers than streaming giant Netflix by 2025.

The firm projects that the number of subscribers to the service created by the Walt Disney Company would reach 284.2 million in 2026, down from an estimate of 294.0 million that the firm had made at the beginning of the year.

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