Netflix: here are the new films and series arriving in December 2021

The “Netflix and Chill” season is open. The mercury is plummeting, the sun is leaving us earlier and earlier and glasses on the terrace are scarce. No doubt, the month of December is settling in slowly but surely. A period that the more homey people particularly like. So to occupy our long autumnal evenings, we bring our pilou-pilou blanket, a cup of hot chocolate or tea and we go looking for a binge watcher movie or a series to devour. .

In December, two (very) eagerly awaited series are about to make their debut on Netflix. From December 3, fans of “La Casa de Papel” will have to say goodbye to their favorite robbers. Indeed, the last episodes of the Iberian show will close in style one of the most watched series in the world.

Another program, another atmosphere: the second season of “Emily in Paris” will arrive on December 22nd. A new salvo of episodes that we are trying to swallow, since the release of the trailer, a few days ago.

A Christmas wind blows on Netflix

Who says December (necessarily) says Christmas movie. This year again, new features will add to the list of must-see Netflix Christmas movies. Among them, “Let the romance blow”, “A Christmas in California: the lights of the city”, “At the antipodes of Christmas” or the cartoon “The Grinch”.

In addition to the slew of Christmas feature films, many cinematographic works will also appear. We think in particular of “Don’t Look Up: Cosmic Denial” which brings together a Hollywood cast made up of Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Timothée Chalamet, Meryl Streep or even Cate Blanchett. “The Power of the Dog”, directed by Jane Campion and starring Benedict Cumberbatch will also be there. Just like a handful of essential films, like “3:17 pm for Paris” directed by Clint Eastwood, “Taxi Driver” by Martin Scorsese, “Le Redoutable” by Michel Hazanavicius and worn by Louis Garrel in the role of Jean- Luc Godard. A fine program to end this year under the best auspices.

Series :

“Lost in Space” (season 3): 1is December

“Good Doctor” (season 1 to 3): 1is December

“La Casa de Papel” (part 5 – volume 2): December 3

“Jurassic World: The Cretaceous Camp” (season 4): December 3

“Titans” (season 3): December 8

“Superstore” (season 6): December 15

“Elite: short stories” (3 episodes): from December 15th

“The Witcher” (season 2): December 17

“Emily in Paris” (season 2): December 22

“Cobra Kai” (season 4): December 31

Films :

“Robbers”: 1is December

« The Power of the Dog » : 1is December

Jane Campion Collection: “The Piano Lesson”, “Bright Star”, “Sweetie”: 1is December

« Taxi Driver » : 1is December

“The Redoubtable”: 1is December

“La Cassette”: December 3

“3:17 p.m. for Paris”: December 7

“Asakusa Kid”: December 9

“Unforgivable”: December 10

“The hand of god”: December 15

“Snatch”: December 15

“Le Prestige”: December 15

“Aquaman”: December 19

“Don’t Look Up: Cosmic Denial”: December 24

« The Lost Daughter » : 31 décembre

Christmas movie:

“Let Romance Blast”: December 2

“The Grinch”: December 3

“The Claus Family 2”: December 7

“Christmas in California: City Lights”: November 16

“At Christmas Antipodes”: December 24


« Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure : Stone Ocean » : 1is December

“Shaman King” (part 2): December 9

“Aggretsuko” (season 4): November 16


“See” (season 1): December 6

Reality show :

“Queer Eye” (season 6): December 31

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