Nerea Godínez’s moving gesture of love to Octavio Ocaña

Octavio Ocana, 22 years old, died on October 29 from a shot to the head and gunshot wounds, in the municipality of Cuautitlán Izcalli. The cause is still under investigation. Since the death of the actor from the series Neighbors, his loved ones have not stopped remembering him from their social networks. Above all Nerea Godinez, who until the moment of Ocaña’s death, was his fiancee.

Nerea Godinez he will not forget his love and now he will wear it engraved on his skin. After several months of mourning, the young woman decided to pay tribute to her former partner and took up a peculiar tattoo that Ocaña had to put on her skin. Thus, it was through her Instagram account that Nerea showed the entire process.

Godinez and Ocaña together. Source: Instagram @ nerea.gogo

Godinez He used his Instagram to share the video of the tattoo process that he got, which is also on his TikTok account. The audiovisual begins with an image of both lying down, in which it can be seen that the actor had on his left arm a tattoo of a red-haired elf with a lucky hat and a pipe. Subsequently, the study that Godínez went to is observed and where they made a reinterpretation of the illustration that the artist had, but they changed the face of the character so that it was a portrait of her deceased boyfriend.

As for the place, he chose the same arm and location where “Benito” had him. Netizens quickly reacted and sent words of support to mine, who has received multiple criticisms since Ocaña passed away. “You can see the love you have for my girl, he will love you and take care of you for all eternity and one day they will see each other again and they will be very happy, that precious tattoo will look beautiful” and “Those who say that Nerea does not wanted. If one person does not love another in a relationship, they do not get a tattoo of him “, are some of the comments that flooded his publication.

Nerea Godinez’s finished tattoo. Source: TikTok Nerea Godinez.

The 25-year-old, who is the only one followed on Instagram by the immortalized Octavio Ocaña, has a small son (André, four years old) whom Ocaña lovingly adopted as a stepson. Thus, they had already begun to form what was a beautiful path of love. “Ocaña I will never remember you because I will never forget you”, reads the bibliography of mine.


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