Neighbors of Tierra de Sueños 2 in Roldán complained about the repeated power outages

Residents of the town of Roldán demonstrated this Thursday at the entrance to the Tierra de Sueños 2 neighborhood on route A012 and cut traffic, claiming for the repeated power outages and variations in the voltage of the electrical network.

The president of the August 17 neighborhood, Pablo Capa, denounced that “there were terrible peaks of light” and assured that the residents of other communes in the area also suffer the same problems with the supply of electricity, typical of this time in the the temperature begins to rise.

The call that ended on the highway began this Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the entrance of the neighborhood, after the neighbors coordinated to demonstrate there by WhatsApp. In order to give greater visibility to their claim and to obtain responses from the EPE, they cut off traffic on both hands for a few minutes.

Capa assured that, for example, in the Tierra de Sueños neighborhood they had no power since the early hours of this Thursday, when the service was cut off in the middle of a storm. Around noon it was restored, but then it was cut again and it also affected other neighborhoods.

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