Neighbors of the woman shot in Bella Vista: "They emptied two chargers at the house"

One of the shots hit his right arm and fractured a bone. The other pierced his leg. After being transferred to Heca the woman was hospitalized waiting to be operated on for the fracture.

The scene of the event was strewn with served pods. The researchers lifted 18, plus 3 intact cartridges, all 9-millimeter caliber. Regarding the mechanics of the attack, they indicated that two hooded men got out of a dark Fiat Palio and punctually triggered the home where Clarisa P. lives with her children and her partner.

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Sebastian Suarez Meccia

“You heard how they recharged”

“We were with my little boy and when we heard the shots we threw ourselves on the floor”, counted to The capital a man who lives in a house next to the one attacked. Apparently, due to the marks of the served pods that the experts left on the pavement, the attackers fired part of the shots right in front of this neighbor’s house. “It was heard how they reloaded the weapon. They emptied two magazines at the house and for me it was with a machine gun”said the man.

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“This is the first time something like this has happened on the block. Shots are heard in the area, but we never know what happens,” said the neighbor. “Just yesterday there was no one on the street, but here there is usually movement. When we heard the shots and after the car left, all the neighbors went out”added. It was then that they learned that the shots had been in the direction of Clarisa’s house and that the woman was wounded.

This Monday all the neighbors consulted by The capital They said they knew Clarisa P., a long-time neighbor in the area. For health reasons, the woman and her husband do not walk on the street much, but they are looking after their children. “She is a very good lady, I have known her for many years. I hope she will recover soon”, a woman from the block told this newspaper.

More than 500 injured

“It’s amazing, we never thought it could get so close to us”, counted to The capital another neighbor of the house shot this Sunday. In that comment, the feeling of many residents of Rosario neighborhoods is illustrated after experiencing an event of these characteristics: it seems that what is seen on television or read in the newspapers about the shooting attacks always happens far away. Until the noise of the gunshots is heard nearby, until the victim is a lifelong neighbor.

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According to the registry of the Public Security Observatory (OSP) of the province of Santa Fe So far this year, until the last day of August, 539 cases of people injured by firearms have been registered in the Rosario department. Of that total, 485 were in the city, that is, 9 out of 10.

The Bella Vista neighborhood, where this last recorded event occurred, is one of the three in the western area referenced by the OSP report as one of the most affected. The other two are Villa Banana and the Tri√°ngulo y Moderno neighborhood.

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