Neighbor out of his mind: he threw water at customers of a pizzeria to lower the volume

The neighbor’s fury, a man of legal age, was unleashed with the presence of many people and the music at high volume in the city of Tartagal.

The man, apparently known to the neighbors for his bad temper, decided Monday night to ruin the opening of a pizzeria throwing a bucket of water to customers who were located at tables in front of his home.

A video allows you to see how a man, apparently without pants, throws the bucket of water unleashing the anger of the customers who insult him “Crazy old man”.

The truth is that according to a neighbor in the area, the man he has a sign outside his house what does it say “Free tires are punctured” He does this because the San Martín school is located in front of his house.

“That man is always like that, he also lives in front of the San Martín school. They cannot leave any vehicle on the street in front of their house because it punctures the tires. What’s more, in front of his house he has a sign that says “free tires are punctured,” said Evita, a VideoTar follower.

In the local media publication about the event, different points of view were expressed. Do youWhat would you do? What do you think of what the lord did?


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