Negative emotions: why we get stuck in them

Negative emotions: why we get stuck in them | Pexels Special

The bad moments in everyone’s life are not lacking. Those difficult days that we want to end soon can have a great impact on our mood for a long time and cause us to enter anxious and worried states that last for several days. When this happens, those negative emotions can produce hopelessness and even depression.

When one after another happens to us, we can’t help but wonder what is happening to us or that life is definitely not in our favor. Tragedy may be the only thing that comes to mind from the experience, but we have to work on giving it a total turn to our thoughts, pass them from negative to positive.

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Do you realize that there is no point in waking up the next day in the same mood? Because the past is behind us and a new day is a new opportunity to change our present and create a good future. And it is that the problem lies merely in our memory and in our mind.

Those unfortunate stories that caused us pain in the previous days, is one that we should not tell each other every night before going to sleep, it is no longer worth it. Believe me, I know that it is not easy, that sometimes we want to erase our memory to find something of Peace of mind, but this is not physically possible.

The fact that we are not able to forget and now does not mean we should stagnate in negative situations. When we experience pain and our context is being negative, what we must identify what is the real problem, if what is happening or the story that our mind is telling us.

Negative experiences last a different time for each person. It can happen that a problem that for you is really severe, for someone else it can be overcome in half an hour or in a day. Neither of these perspectives is wrong, but we do have to do something to change our thought patterns and even within our relationships.

Negative emotions are not bad, but they should not stay inside.

Negative emotions are not bad, but they should not stay inside. / Pexels

How can you end those negative emotional cycles?

First, you have to practice be truly aware of our moods when we’re way down It is much easier to control what we feel and think if we really know what emotion it is. Once this is achieved, we have to see those emotions as a physical experience rather than a mental one.

Doing this second step will help us to have a greater control over what we have in mind. The more we hold the position that our emotions are aligned with our physical body, the more we will take our thoughts away from them. In this way we will change the direction of what we think towards the positive.

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We have to keep busy and in the present, preferably in those hobbies that we enjoy the most, that is another way of approaching our emotions attached to our physical body, although we must try not to do it only when something bad has happened to us. We must choose those things that we like and that are going to give us those emotions that we want to remain in us.

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