Nearly 60 million accounts were banned from PUBG Mobile in 2021

Character model modification and auto-aim hack are among the main reasons

Almost 60 million of accounts of PUBG Mobile were banned in the year 2021. The Ban Pan Anti-Cheat System barrou 59,851,589 million accounts over the last year. In the second half alone there were more than 22 million bans made.

According to the developers, several of the cheats were caught through the whistleblower system present in the game. The tool allows players themselves to indicate possible players who are using systems to gain an advantage during gameplay, as well as being able to investigate other players.

Another feature that contributes to the cheater hunt is the device ban. After a device is evaluated by the security team do PUBG Mobile as used for cheating, the devices themselves are banned from the system, not just the accounts. Once permanently banned, there is no way for the user to play the game on this device, even with a new account.

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Reasons for bans

According to the developers, the main reasons for bans, in descending order of proportion, are:

  • Character model modification – 24%

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  • Auto Sight Hacks – 17%

  • X-Ray Vision Hacks – 16%

  • speed hacks – 14%

  • Other reasons – 13%

  • Area damage modification – 11%

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Lawsuit against Hackers

In the last week, developers of PUBG Mobile, Tencent Games it’s at KRAFTON, won a lawsuit that convicted a group of hackers who produced and distributed the hacks. The federal authorities of U.S decided that the group should pay approx. $10 million for companies.

The defendants were still sentenced to stop future illegal activities involving cheating in games, as well as providing details on how they exploited the PUBG MOBILE and on any collaborators. According to the companies, the money from the action will be invested in improvements to the game and in anti-cheating studies.


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Source: PUBG Mobile

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