Near Curuzú, they catch 8 poachers and rustlers

A contingent of eight Paraguayan citizens, who were traveling in two pickup trucks and carrying a rubber truck, were detained by the Police of the Special Rural and Ecological Security Division, who surprised them in different fields carrying out poaching and also hunting, official sources indicated.

The procedures were carried out in properties of the Fourth Section Curuzú Cuatiá, where the troops, after carrying out intelligence tasks, found the subjects who arrived a few days ago in the area, from the province of Buenos Aires, but all of Paraguayan nationality, they confirmed the spokesmen.

In the possession of the detainees, the Police found at least five long weapons, rifles and shotguns. Two of them with telescopic sights. As well as a large quantity of ammunition of different calibers, various knives, knives and flashlights.

In the vehicles they found two heads of deer and buffalo, as well as 100 kilos of bushmeat from poaching. As well as several kilos of meat from two battered buffalo, owned by a neighboring farm.

After being detained, none of the subjects could give coherent explanations of the origin of the meat, much less the “trophies” of the heads of both the deer, as well as the buffalo, that they had slaughtered and that they were carrying in one of the vehicles.

The meat, already divided into different cuts and by species, was kept in three gigantic conservators.

The men apprehended, together with everything kidnapped and seized, were turned over to the corresponding judicial authority. While in this regard, the proceedings and procedures of the case are carried out.

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