Natural recipes that will help you fight dandruff in your hair

Dandruff is an alteration of the scalp that produces excessive cellular flaking, those annoying white spots that do not stop falling on clothes and that cause irritation and a itch maddening. That is why this time I will tell you about two natural remedies to combat it that you will love.

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Apple vinager

The treatment should start with the scalp, since it is the area responsible for your hair to grow beautiful, this is a very easy natural remedy. In a container Deep pour 25 ml of apple cider vinegar and 100 of water, when ready, dip a cotton ball in the mixture and apply it.

After having covered all the scalp, massage with your fingertips for two or three minutes, when finished let it act for twenty minutes. After the indicated time passes, rinse with cold water, as it has the same effect as with the pores of the face.

You can use this natural recipe four times a week. The Apple vinager It helps fight dandruff and seborrhea, in addition to preventing flaking and itching, which may be caused by fungi, a wonder of nature without a doubt this treatment.

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Also the acidity of apple cider vinegar has many properties for the care of the scalp, since it helps to eliminate the dead cells skin and excess oil, so if you are suffering from dandruff, don’t wait any longer to buy this beneficial substance.

Gel the Aloe Vera

We already know that the Aloe Vera o Aloe Vera has an infinity of properties that are located in different areas, in this case beauty. This plant is capable of eliminating irritation from the skin, as well as hydrating it. It is an effective way to reduce flaking caused by dandruff.

Aloe Vera has properties antifungal, which balance the flora of the scalp, which will help with dandruff and promote the growth of your hair once it has healed. It is a very easy plant to buy in a pot or in health food stores.

This natural recipe begins by extracting the gel that is located inside the leaf of aloe vera, then cut it into small pieces and blend them. When it is already liquid, pour it into a deep container and with the tips of your fingers begin to apply directly to the scalp.

Leave it to act for an hour and remove with a neutral shampoo in the shower, it is preferable that you do it with cold water. You can do it two to three times a week, so there are no excuses to eliminate annoying dandruff, you will see that soon enough you will not even remember that you had it.

Natural recipes that will help you fight dandruff in your hair. Photo: pexels

I hope and this information has been of interest to you, most of the time we forget that the scalp is the main one that should be cared for, since it is responsible for hair growth healthyI’m sure you will love the results from the first application.

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