Natti Natasha and the curiosities of her new reality show

Without precepts, the singer Natti Natasha, from 34 years, He told exclusive details and certain curiosities about what will be his new reality Everybody Loves Natti”.

Although many celebrities do not repair to tell anything about their private lives, the singer did come out to reveal intimate details and even spoke about her relationship with her manager Raphy Pina.

Natti Natasha and the new reality show “Everybody Loves Natti”

Precisely, through the Prime Video series, he said that said realitand

“Everybody Loves Natti” It has only 6 episodes and it was released on November 19. Likewise, the Dominican artist confessed details of her latest album “Nativity“.

In the same way, he told about his family life, the dreams he has to achieve international fame and the surprise of the baby on the way.

“The only way I could tell the whole process to my fans who have followed me all this time, is doing it this way, with reality,” the singer confessed in a recent interview.

Along the same lines, he said that he hopes that, with this reality show, all people – especially his fans – can learn more about his private life. Likewise, he invited them to open the doors of his home to them and to be part of his family.

After revealing some curiosities, it is worth noting that beyond her path to success and the daily life that she leads in Miami with her family, the singer recounted how she has managed to face all the personal difficulties that have arisen.

Natti Natasha He remembered how the fertility problems that he faced and the complexities that life itself as a Dominican immigrant had to endure. In this interview, the Dominican singer-songwriter of reggaeton, Latin pop and bachata, asserted about her new reality show: “I open the doors of my home for you, I want you to be part of my family.”

It seems that the singer wants to become more famous. And you, are you eager to see her new reality?

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