National proud! Los Caranchos among the best in youth women’s rugby

Nidia Kondratavicius with the players of the Los Caranchos youth team. Credit: Courtesy RugbyFem Kickoff.

Participating in a Club National is a unique experience, since it not only represents facing the competition, but also unrepeatable moments that make the rugby and human growth of a squad live. In 2019, the youth women’s team of Los Caranchos had a first foray into the tournament organized by the UAR in the youth category and in this new edition of the contest for those under 18 years of age they traveled with other expectations, achieved a fourth place and brought a lot knowledge that will surely be applied for the future of a club that is strongly committed to women’s rugby.

“The balance is clearly positive,” confessed Nidia Kondratavicius, coach of Los Caranchos, to The fan. And he immediately added: “We improve in many aspects, both competitively and humanly. We were present at the Nacional and we were surprised with the results on and off the court. We showed the great work together that we have been doing: players, coaches, parents and leaders, all in order to improve ourselves. We reached fourth place, which is a clear sign that we are traveling on the right path ”.

Solana Arenas, captain of the team, also set up the debit and credit columns to make the balance. “The experience of living a National is a pride to be able to compete in a tournament of this category and play with that kind of teams that, when qualifying, you already win because of the experience. We were psyched up and with confidence that we were going to climb one more step than we had lived in the previous National (NdR: 2019), and we ended up surprising ourselves, because the effort and confidence that we gave ourselves was the motivating factor for to be able to reach the Gold Cup and be among the four best in the country, ”said the Blanco del Oeste captain.

Los Caranchos, in the youth category (from 14 to 18 years old), were part of zone 8, and the Blanco girls’ campaign began on Saturday with a 19-0 victory over Palihue. In their second presentation they won again, his victim was Chelcos by 12 to 7 and at the end of the qualifying phase the resounding victory was over Pumai by 24 to 5. On Sunday in the Gold Cup semifinal, the rival was Baguales de Jesús María Córdoba (they were the champions), those of the Docta won the victory 15-0, leaving Rosario for the fight for third place against Águilas de Chaco, but it could not be, it was dropped by 12-0.

The Los Caranchos squad was made up of: Solana Arenas (captain), Pilar González, Milagros Genes, Belén González, Amarilis Zapata, Federica Lamas, Nair Algarañas, Ludmila López and Camila Nagnug; Coach: Nidia kondratavicius and Fernando Balbi (Manager).

“We show that we are up for more, the goal was the National and we performed at the best there,” said kondratavicius, who does not need to be asked if he feels pride on the part of his leaders, and also added: “The list of things to improve is extensive , that speaks that we want more. I focus on all the positive points we have achieved, we missed three steps, we will work to get to the top ”.

And in reference to her players, Nidia left them a message: The players showed me that she has a big heart, that’s what she’s really worth, winning or losing, that’s just competition ”.

Solana Arenas, captain of Caranchos, along with Maricel Gori, from Old Resian. Credit: CLC Press.

Meanwhile, Arenas, who was part of the team that participated in 2019, said: “We wanted to go up one more step, when we participated in the National 2019, we were in thirteenth place and this time fourth, this result speaks of the evolution we had as team. But I was not satisfied, because I know that we could have given a little more, we played against the pressure and did not believe that we could play at that level, we were also very happy because we were able to face the best in the country and you can bring us from their game to be able to make ours grow ”.

Solana is part of a rugby family, her father played and her brothers play in Caranchos, for her rugby is part of the daily routine, she is also a teacher in the club’s nursery school, a place where she transmits all her passion for sport and in especially rugby. “My advice is to go to any club that has women’s rugby and try, if it is Caranchos better (laughs). Let them experience what rugby is firsthand, get rid of that prejudice and even more so when we girls play it, we must not follow or give importance to what they say from the outside. You take very nice things with you, it’s not just going to train and getting ready to go play and that’s it, it’s everything that comes with playing rugby, the environment, the people who accompany you, the time with your teammates, trips, new teammates, not only those of the team but of other clubs, it is a great opportunity to try something new, “said Solana with total sincerity.

It was not easy to reach this stage, the stop at the end of May was a hard blow to the team that upon returning to activity in less than a month had to face the definition of the Rosario Tournament and days later that of the Litoral.

It may sound repetitive, but a few clubs have provided not only a place, but being part of the institution to the women’s rugby team, players, technical staff and parents make a huge effort to be able to compete but it takes the commitment of all so that the women’s rugby grows up and becomes one more option for girls to choose which discipline to perform. Tag rugby (NdR: non-contact rugby) at school age is a good start for children and adolescents to learn about rugby and then if they wish they can practice it in a sports institution.

It is time that the big and not so big clubs commit to the development of women’s rugby, doing so does not mean that another discipline will suffer or lose players, the most important thing is that the girls can choose, and the most important thing is to have more people doing sports inside a club

It is time to leave the blue jacket for special occasions and adapt to the times that run, is the question.

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