Nation released $ 1,500 million in credits for producers, winemakers and cooperatives of Mendoza

The measure is intended to assist producers, winemakers and cooperatives: the amounts will be evaluated and interest rates according to the condition of each applicant. Of this rate, the provincial agents that administer the fund will grant a bonus of 7 points, and the same will be contributed by the Nation, which will result in a total profit of 14 points. That is to say that it is a important low of the interests that are usually paid in the market.

The silver will be delivered in a single payment. In this regard, Minister Kulfas stated: “We work every day to implement measures that reach the entire country. SMEs they are the axis of production and work. For this reason, we offer technical assistance and training tools for your growth and we make financing cheaper by taking rates to very low levels. We are convinced that these policies are key to empower the industry viticulture and generate more employment “.

Meanwhile, the president of the Banco de la Nación Argentina (BNA), Eduardo Hecker, pointed to the decision to “support the needs and growth opportunities of the minipymes and offer the necessary tools to the different links of production viticulture“.

Domínguez, Kulfas and Hecker.jpg

From left to right: the minister of agriculture, Julián Domínguez; the president of the Banco de la Nación, Eduardo Hecker; and the head of the Productive Development portfolio, Matías Kulfas.

Specific credits for viticulture

The line is aimed at producers, winemakers and cooperatives. It will be available from the next few weeks until June 30. An amount equivalent to 2,000 minimum wages, vital and mobile, according to the creditworthiness From applicant. And the return period is up to 300 days.

The total amount of financing will be $ 1.5 billion, destined entirely to the province of Mendoza. In this sense, the head of the Secretariat for Small and Medium Enterprises and Entrepreneurs (SEPyME), Guillermo MeredizHe pointed out: “The development of regional economies is central to the growth of the country. For this reason, we work with local governments to accompany the productive network of each place.”

Finally, the President of the National Institute of Viticulture, Martin HinojosaHe indicated that “it is a line that allows the sector to strengthen itself, have fast and accessible financing to raise the harvest.” Producers and manufacturing wineries may inquire at the BN branches and in the Pyme Help Center owned by the Ministry of Productive Development at the INV headquarters on street San Martín 430 of the City of Mendoza.

Here are the technical specifications:

  • Users: MiPyMEs, according to Reg. N ° 281, that develop wine-growing activity in the Province of Mendoza.
  • Destination: Financing expenses for harvesting and hauling grapes and / or expenses for making wine products, corresponding to the 2022 Harvest.
  • Maximum amount: It will arise from the individual evaluation of each case without exceeding the equivalent of two thousand (2,000) times the minimum, vital and mobile salary.
  • Interest: Reg. 750 Rate – Working Capital destination. (General: Fixed Rate 40% Fixed TNA, Special Operative A: 36% Fixed TNA, Special Operative B: 37% Fixed TNA)
  • Bonus: The Provincial Administrator of the Fund will grant it 7 ppa. The National Government will grant 7 additional points. Total bonus: 14 points.
  • Disbursements: Unique.
  • Support ratio: Up to 100% of what is requested, excluding VAT in the case of applicants who have the quality of responsible persons registered in such tax.
  • Credit line amount: 1,500 million.
  • Deadline to return it: Up to 300 days.
  • Validity: until 06.30.2022

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