Nation and Province agreed to improve care in Chaco health centers

The Minister of Public Health of Chaco, Carolina Centeno, received authorities from the Ministry of Health of the Nation to advance in the strengthening of national programs of access to health. “We work on the operation of programs such as Redes, Proteger and Sumar, which are financing policies that have been carried out in the province for several years and deserve a strengthening look considering the pandemic context and now in the post-pandemic and the vaccination campaign. already advanced, they also deserve our analysis ”, explained the minister.

The objective of the meeting was to strengthen the lines of work between both portfolios with the signing of new commitments to improve access to health for citizens. “We need to strengthen the levels of care from health centers with infrastructure, human resources, equipment and supplies, seeking to improve access to consultations at the first, second and third level of complexity, improving physical and technical resources,” Centeno explained. .

They participated on behalf of the Ministry of Health of the Nation, the Secretary of Equity in Health, Víctor Urbani, the Undersecretary of Federal Articulation, Verónica de Cristófaro, the director of Primary Care and Community Health, Adriana Magdaleno, the director of Strengthening of the Systems Provinciales, Carolina Casullo, and the Director of Coverage Integration, Javier Turienzo.

“As always we are very grateful to all the support that the Ministry of Health of the Nation, through Minister Carla Vizzotti, and the entire team of secretaries, undersecretaries, national directors, heads of programs have been systematically and constant in the province of Chaco “said Minister Centeno.

Urbani: “The work that the province of Chaco has done is to be imitated”

In turn, the Secretary of Health Equity of the Nation, Víctor Urbani, valued the health task that is carried out in the province and stressed that the meeting worked on a wide range of issues to meet the general demands of the health system .

“Those responsible for the programs financed by the Nation for people who lack social work (Sumar, Proteger, Redes) have come, so that with the national head of that area they can have technical meetings with the province”He explained about one of the points, adding that “the province handles these plans very well, and they are genuine, legitimate income that is transferred to the province to finance welfare benefits.”

In addition, he indicated that there were also representatives from the Infrastructure area of ​​the Ministry “to meet the needs that the province has, and see the possibilities that we have from the Nation and the supply projects that are already prepared and pending execution, or in bidding processes. such as ambulances and some highly complex equipment ”.

At the same time, he highlighted the presence of the national director of Primary Health Care, with whom different tours of Chaco health centers will be carried out in order to verify the work that is being carried out. “We know that they are working and they are doing it excellently,” he stressed, adding that “the work that the province of Chaco has done is to be imitated, it has left many lessons that we have learned and used in other parts of the country.”

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