Natalie Pérez states that "the repression of feelings is over"

In that first part that was seen on the channel of the balls, the fiction united four women. On the one hand, Jazmín (Díaz) arrived at maternity from the surrogacy and that is when she met Bárbara (Pérez), the young pregnant woman. At the time of birth, Selva (Inés Estévez) was in charge of taking Barbara in her taxi to give birth, and then Emma (Genesio) entered the scene, a trans girl who happened to be the sperm donor. From the birth of Victoria, all, with their differences, become mothers of the little girl.

Meanwhile, in “Pequeñas Victorias” the plot takes place six years after that event, when Victoria (Lola Loyacono) begins her school stage and each of these mothers -except for Estevéz’s character who is not in this season- seeks rediscover herself as a woman and rediscover motherhood.

Small Victories: 6 Years Later – Official Trailer | Amazon Prime Video

With the general direction of Juan Taratuto, this sequel / spin-off also features the performances of Facundo Arana, Alan Sabbagh, Juan Leyrado, Miriam Odorico and Joaquin Rescigno. The ten episodes of “Small victories”, based on an original idea by Erika Halvorsen and Daniel Burman, will be able to be seen from Monday to Friday, during this week and next.

“What about your character in the series?”

—Barbara continues in that search for identity that has characterized her since the first season; She is always a bit lost, she went through many crises in her life and in this part she has a kind of bond with Selva, which leads her to reconnect with herself and discover a way out in her crazy head. In the story, a bit by chance, due to one of his antics or a drowning slap, beautiful things begin to happen to him.

– What does the plot of this sequel seek to reflect?

—The first stage was dedicated to Victoria, and in this second season each one is rediscovered as a woman, as a mother and, above all, they meet her wishes. We try to find the best version of ourselves.

  “What would be the best version of Barbara?”

—The one that doesn’t lie, the one that goes to the front. She sends shit up, but since she ends up being genuine she starts to go through nice situations. When she takes charge of who she is and what she did, she discovers that she is good, that she can empathize with people and have healthy bonds. She has that heavy, dense and dark history that she finds hard to shake off her, but when she connects with her friends, Victoria’s other mothers, she recognizes herself, values ​​herself and accepts herself. At this stage you can see how that daughter did good to her life and helped her discover that genuine love that served her for many years. Then, at the beginning of the season, he re-enters a well, a place that is not good, but later he manages to open up and feed on the love of others.

  “Is there a demand from the viewer to see other stories?”

“Yes, one hundred percent.” The interesting thing about fiction is that we can see stories like this that breaks a bit with the schemes and also see classic or futuristic stories. It is part of the magic. There were already families with two mothers, for example, but it was not visible, we did not dare to speak, to tell it. But luckily many heads are changing. This is a series where the viewer will see current issues, will see a tit, inclusive language and feminism. It was given a really good spin.

– Does “Small Victories” propose any reflection?

—It shows that motherhood is not what we thought; that it is good, that it can be shared, that the family is where there is love and that in these “Little victories” we find that bonds are the most important thing we have.

  —From the personal, what is your view on motherhood and on the family?

“My family is super conventional.” My parents and my grandparents are still married, we are a typical family, we get together every Sunday to eat pasta and granny’s tuco, so I also have that training. When I got the first script for “Little Victoria” it was an explosion in my brain. In these years in which humanity has been awakening, my own ideas have also changed, something that I would never have imagined, but today I think that mothering is everywhere, I do not have children but I have the feeling of mothering all the time.

– The series broke with the stereotypes that you had?

-Yes, totally. I came home to tell them the story and my grandfather told me: “you can’t do that.” And I replied that now you can do anything, that if you really want something you can get it. Luckily the repression of feelings is over, for both men and women. So I am happy to live in this age and to see all these incredible changes.

Pamela David and Soy Rada renew the TV grid


With Paula Chaves, Pamela David and Agustín “Soy Rada” Aristaran at the forefront of entertainment cycles and with the fiction “Pequeñas Victorias”, the air channels renew their programming schedules from today.

A new season of “Bake Off Argentina, El Gran Pastelero”, which has the conduction of Paula Chaves and will have 14 amateur pastry chefs who will have to overcome the different challenges of the competition, will be able to be seen from this Monday at 10:30 p.m. on the screen of Telefe.

Damián Betular, Pamela Villar and the renowned chef Dolli Irigoyen will be the judges of this new installment, which adds the comedian and influencer Dani la Chepi to show all the behind the scenes and the intimacy of the reality’s participants on the channel’s digital platforms .

Then, at 11:45 p.m., the channel will premiere “Small Victories” (see central material), the sequel to the successful series that aired in 2019, starring Julieta Díaz, Natalie Pérez and Mariana Genesio.

Meanwhile, the screen of America will air at 20 “The roulette of your dreams”, an entertainment program hosted by Pamela David.

The cycle has its origin in the American “Wheel of Fortune”, although the Argentine version will have more to do with the Spanish adaptation of the program, “La rouleta de la luck”, which has been on the air for more than 20 uninterrupted years, and consists of a competition between three participants to accumulate as many prizes as possible and at the end of the program everyone will win something.

Finally, El Trece will premiere at 2:30 p.m. the cycle of games “Match Game”, with the conduction of the comedian, magician, actor and musician Agustín “Soy Rada” Aristarán.

In the shipment, the participants will face each other in three rounds, in which they will have to answer a series of questions and interact with a panel made up of six celebrities and the one with the most matches will go to the final rounds and compete for 50,000 pesos.

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