Natalia Téllez surprises with a fabulous sports outfit, a complete tennis player in action

Natalia Téllez remained very sporty this afternoon, as she decided to abandon her princess outfits for a moment to become a powerful and a pretty tennis player, where she showed us how she looked posing with a tennis racket and some pretty braids.

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Through her instagram account Natalia Téllez decided to share a photo about her day as a tennis player. The beautiful driver wore a sports outfit skirt, which reached mid-leg and had a pattern with red and blue stripes, super feminine.

This skirt goes very well with her sleeveless white blouse, which has blue outlines on the shoulders and neck. Obviously his racket tennis and her wristbands could not be missing, accessories that gave much prominence to her outfit.

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The hairstyle was also something new, since she decided to collect her hair in two braids, with this outfit she once again showed us the very tender and feminine essence for which she has always vibrated Natalia Tellez. The compliments sprouted from the first moment in which the photograph was uploaded.

Her good friend Consuelo Duval was the first to comment with “So beautiful the freckled one” and a face from the heart. Some other followers also highlighted her beauty, what a surprise that arose, since they dared to put an engagement ring, very intense statements.

Although Natalia Téllez was not only limited to that photograph, since during the afternoon she was sharing several stories from the moment she arrived at the tennis court. It was seen that the actress was enjoying her stay at that sports club he attended to play.

The beautiful photograph is accompanied by a beautiful reflection, which is very sarcastic, certainly in the style of Natalia Téllez, who says “Natalia Djokovic, aka the slowest racket in Tlanepantla“, Which suggests to us that without a doubt I had a good time but the play was not very successful.

For now, the host is active in the television program “Netas Divinas”, which leads in the company of three beautiful women, Paola Red, Consuelo Duval and Daniela Magun, together form a team to talk about various relevant topics of love, women and couples.

I am sure that Natalia Téllez has many surprises in store for us like this afternoon, which surprised us with how divine and thin she always looks, she is a doll. We will continue to monitor your networks to discover new things.

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