Nails: Pedicure Trends That Are So Amazing You’ll Want To Show Off Your Feet In The Winter

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We know that in the winter almost nobody wears their feet in the air, but what if you try a pedicure Fabulous even if you do not show them, or maybe you will go to the beach or simply take a risk with open shoes in those December parties, We have to take risks and innovate.

While sunny sherbet-toned polishes and upbeat neon nail art are taking a backseat Against the most fashionable colors of winter, such as intense greens and spectacular reds, setting the drama even in the simplest and most standard pedicures.

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Go understated and classic with a snow white Or wear a sparkly party heel with glitter covered polish to match, or even both at the same time. No matter what vibe or aesthetic you are looking for this season, there is a perfect winter pedicure color that stands out for all possible styles and scenarios.

Your feet need to be pampered

Your feet need to be pampered

Winter red

There are two types of winter reds: the bright red in the shape of a crown bow and its much more melancholic and darker counterpart. Red, whatever its hue on our nails, will never go out of style.


What better to feel festive than a shimmering gold hue with a more satisfying metallic finish. It’s another great option for the holiday season or just those cold winter weeks when you need a boost – sparkling gold is an instant mood booster.


Pure white nail polish is, like a bluish-red, one of those colors that manages to be a very consistent theme for both summer and winter. In cooler months, switch to a bright white shade for the most beautiful snow effect.

Winter blue

Finally, the winter blues you really want. This fascinating color forgets navy blue: icicle blue, especially as a metallic, is the best winter blue shade of all time.

Green pine

The exact color of a noble fir, this dark green comes with a heady pine scent to match. Green is already believed to be an especially comforting color, and this deep shade is undoubtedly soothing. For people with a demonstration mindset, the color of money is always good to wear during the New Year.

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The pedicure trend

The pedicure trend

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