Nails as a mirror of our state of health

Something we must know is that our nails are used for something more important than scratching and peel off some decal. With its appearance we can find some clues about our state general health. If you notice any change in the color, shape or texture of your nails, it’s time to get a medical check-up.

The Dr. Jeffrey Linder, leader of the General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics area of ​​the Faculty of Medicine of the Northwestern University, has a very interesting method when conducting medical check-ups on your patients. Take her hands and check the condition of her nails in detail.

He assures that the appearance of these extensions of the skin of a person it can offer a general idea of ​​people’s health and can give an idea of ​​the path to follow in a medical check-up, since its changes can indicate the presence of some diseases.

At this point it is good to clarify that this is not a reason to be alarmed from the first moment in which a change in nails, because not all are bad or lethal. Some may be harmless and occur for reasons other than health, such as aging, the use of cosmetic products or the regular use of a medicine.

Modifications in the appearance of the tips of our fingers It could generate some concern at the moment that it is accompanied by others symptom such as shortness of breath, excessive exhaustion, or some pain that does not go away. In this new installment about nails we share some signs that could be saying something about our body.

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The lunula changes

The lunula is that little white spot in the shape of a half moon found at the base of the nail, on the cuticle. If a change in its color or size, could be indicating an internal disease such as cirrhosis or kidney or heart failure. When its color turns blue, it may indicate the presence of Wilson’s disease, an inherited condition that accumulates copper in the liver and brain.

Changes in the shape and texture of the nails

Pitted nails

When a nail itches or has small holes can also indicate a physical condition called psoriasis, a chronic skin disease that can cause pieces on your fingertips to loosen and fall off.

Spoon nails

The ones they can be softened to the point that they appear to have been scooped out of the center. This may be an indicator of a lack of iron in the body or, on the contrary, that too much of this mineral is being stored. The first case is called anemia and the second, hemochromatosis.

Drumstick nails

This appearance occurs when the nail curves around the tip of the finger and takes on an extended appearance, known as clubbing. This may be a sign of gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, or lung problems.

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Nail color changes

Our nails can change their color for different health reasons and we are going to mention the most common ones. The blue tone can indicate a contagion by the Chinese virus, the yellow can indicate chronic bronchitis or diseases in the lungs, or it can be onychomycosis; a strong whitish color may indicate liver, heart, or liver problems.

Nails as a mirror of our state of health

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