Myths of depression that a strong woman should know

Depression does not always present itself in the same way in each of the people who suffer from it, that is why I will tell you some myths about this disease that are necessary deny, which a strong woman should know.

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Depression and sadness are the same

Surely you have heard more than once that they feel depressed, when in reality it is sadness, a feeling transient and temporary that we have all felt at some point, instead depression is a mental disorder that interferes with the lifestyle of those who suffer from it.

Men do not suffer from depression

Men have had to pretend that they have no feelings, much less suffer from disorders of this type, so if they suffer from depression, they decide to hide it so as not to be singled out, which triggers more severe symptoms. graves when it is diagnosed.

Depression lasts a lifetime

A person suffering from depression can live a normal life, although it depends on a good diagnosis and proper treatment. The professionals in this area they are the only ones indicated to treat this disorder, so do not believe any charlatan.

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Depression is faked

False, it is not possible to fake depression, we must remember that people with this disease suffer too much, which is reflected in their behaviour with others and their non-verbal communication, it is therefore very important to go to a professional.

Depression is only for weak people

A person is not weak just because he suffers from depression, since this disorder is influenced by components chemicals and biological that have nothing to do with the person, for depression it does not matter if you are a woman or a man or your socioeconomic level, it simply appears.

depression heals itself

Depression does not heal itself, this is due to the symptoms it presents as: body fatigue, insomnia, muscle aches, lack of appetite and altered emotions, to name a few, so it is essential to go to receive the appropriate care.

The person who suffers from it is always sad

Sadness is not a symptom that defines that a person suffers from depression, there are people who do not even feel sad. each one experience In a different way, the important thing is to seek medical attention if you suspect that you have this disorder.

Myths of depression that a strong woman should know. Photo: pexels

These are some myths that sure You have heard more than once. I hope that after reading each of these sections, you have understood that depression has many ways of being noticed, in addition to the fact that it is a delicate disorder that should be treated by a professional.

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