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A new edition of the singing and imitation reality show My name is Colombia It returns after a few days of vacation for the festivities of the last month of December, and it will continue to be broadcast in order to find the best imitator in the country. This program is inspired by other formats, such as Yo Soy del Perú, and the objective is the same: qualify musical imitators through clothing, voice, diction, gestures, stage mastery, among other virtues. Follow here the details of the gala this Thursday, January 13.


Live: My name is Colombia

Maluma surprises with renewed look on stage

Imposes! Maluma left everyone speechless when he appeared on stage with a renewed image. Also, the impersonator sang one of the hits “Sobrio”.

Jury congratulates improvement in the presentation of Juan Gabriel

The jury of the program, although I still noticed certain errors in the presentation of ‘Juan Gabriel’, highlighted the growth that the imitator has been experiencing.

Juan Gabriel arrives on stage with the theme “Until I met you”

Among many applause, the impersonator of the Mexican singer Juan Gabriel, delighted with one of the most well-known songs.

The long-awaited program Yo me llamo, which offers to have the best imitators this 2022.

How to vote in My name is 2022?

To support your favorite contestant, you must connect to each broadcast LIVE from My name is Colombia 2021 and enter the official website of the channel: Once inside, select and click on the photo of your preferred copycat to help them stay in the competition.

My name is colombia

Who are the jurors?

César Escola, Amparo Grisales and Yeison Jiménez make up the jury for Yo me llamo. Photo: Caracol TV.

The judges of the Colombian reality show are responsible for qualifying and deciding which participant continues in the race with the hope of being crowned the best impersonator of the South American country. Meet the members of this panel below:

  • Amparo Grisales: model, actress and television presenter, with great success in well-known Colombian soap operas
  • Yeison Jiménez: Colombian singer-songwriter. Also known for performing in the popular music of his country
  • Caesar School: Composer and presenter, popularly recognized for being the creator of musical themes for various television shows.

My name is Colombia: hours

The Imitation Contest My name is Colombia is issued LIVE, Monday to Saturday, at the following times:

  • Peru: 8.00 p. m.
  • Colombia: 8.00 p. m.


My name is: transmission channel

Participants seek to imitate their idols in Yo me llamo Colombia. Photo: Caracol TV capture

The musical imitation program airs Monday through Saturday through Snail TV, an open signal channel in Colombia. In addition, in Peruvian territory, you can enjoy it from your contracted cable service such as DirecTV, Movistar TV, Claro TV, among others.

How to watch Caracol TV LIVE?

In order not to miss any moment of Yo me llamo Colombia, you must tune in to the free signal of Caracol TV in Colombia. In case you are outside of Colombian territory, you can connect to the show from your favorite cable server.

I called me back with many surprises by announcing prizes for the perfect doubles. Photo: My name is / Instagram.

How to watch Caracol Play?

Camilo Sesto in Yo me llamo. Photo: Caracol TV

Next, we tell you how to see the application Caracol Play so as not to miss any production of the Colombian television network:

  • Enter your web platform:
  • Register online and log in
  • Search the name of the program on the web: My name is 2021
  • Play it back and start enjoying that and other productions of the Colombian channel.


Where to see My name is Colombia chapter 43 FREE ONLINE LIVE?

Remember that you can follow the FREE ONLINE LIVE transmission of La República Espectáculos, where you will find the minute by minute of My name is Colombia, as well as the incidents, presentations and all the details of the musical imitation program.

The impersonator of Maluma and Jessi Uribe were chosen by the Yo me llamo jury for the elimination night. Photo: My name is / Instagram.

What happened in the last episode of Yo me llamo Colombia?

The last broadcast of Yo me llamo Colombia aired on December 17, the date on which they announced a break for the end of the year parties. In this episode the interpreters of Daniel Santos, Maluma, Camilo Sesto and Nacho appeared.

Camilo Sesto’s double was the one who stood out the most on the stage of the Caracol program, being flattered by the juries and won the 20 million Colombian pesos as the best perfect double of the night.

On the night of December 15, we experienced a new presentation of the participants who seek to imitate their idols in Yo me llamo Colombia. Photo: Caracol TV capture

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