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Colombia’s most popular show continues to amaze viewers as the best singing impersonator climbs toward the finale. Under the leadership of Melina Ramirez and Carlos Calero placeholder image, the reality broadcast by the Caracol TV signal tries to find the best voice. The suspense is increasing because the end is getting closer and closer. Discover in this note every detail so that you do not miss the schedules or the participants that appear on the last dates of the competition.


What happened in yesterday’s chapter?

An emotional moment took over the program after one of the imitators of the group Los Panchos shed some tears after remembering his deceased father. But he was not the only one, ‘Karol G’ was also moved to remember his three children, whom he has not been able to see for three weeks. For his part, the impersonator of Sergio Vargas revealed that he sang on the buses and recalled that, once, when he was about to display his talent, he was spat on and treated very badly.

The gala 22 aroused the suspense of the public. Photo: Youtube / My name is

Who are the presenters?

My name is Colombia 2021 features the driving of the beauty queen and actress Melina Ramirez and the Colombian presenter Carlos Calero. In each gala, both have their talent to present the imitators in the best way, request the criticism of the jury and encourage the public who tune in from their screens.

Who are the jurors of Yo me llamo 2021?

The difficult task of giving their verdict and granting the pass to the next phases of the competition falls on three important judges:

  • Amparo Grisales: model, actress and television presenter, with wide success in well-known Colombian soap operas.
  • Yeison Jiménez: Colombian singer-songwriter. Also known for performing in the popular music of his country.
  • César School: Composer and presenter, popularly recognized for being the creator of musical themes for various television shows.

The demanding juries of Yo me llamo Colombia. Photo: Facebook / My name is


My name is Colombia: hours

The renowned singing and imitation reality show is broadcast from Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 pm in Colombia and Peru.

What channel does Yo me llamo 2021 broadcast?

The program is broadcast from Snail TV, an open signal channel in Colombia. In Peru, you can watch it from your contracted cable service, be it DirecTV, Movistar TV, Claro TV, among others.

Photo: Caracol Play

How to watch Caracol TV LIVE?

In order not to miss any detail of Yo me llamo Colombia 2021, you must tune in to the free signal of Caracol TV in Colombia. In case you are outside the coffee country, you can watch it from your favorite cable server.

How to watch Caracol Play?

To access Caracol Tv Play follow these steps:

  • Enter your web platform:
  • Register online and log in
  • Find the name of the program: My name is 2021
  • Play it and start enjoying this and other productions of the Colombian channel.

Photo: LR composition

Where to see My name is Colombia chapter 23 FREE ONLINE LIVE?

You can follow LIVE this and all the chapters of Yo me llamo Colombia 2021 through La República Espectáculos. In this way, you will be aware of each of the news that occurs in the program, from the eliminations, the passes in each gala, until you can discover who will be the best imitator or impersonator of all.

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