"My commitment is with the people and we come to fill the Chaco with hope"

Leandro Zdero received his diploma this morning as a provincial legislator elected in the last elections on November 14. Then, at a press conference, he stated: “We show that hope is being born in the Chaco, that is why I assume this responsibility of always being with the people, their problems and willing to find solutions because we come to fill the Chaco with hope.”

Zdero remarked that he will continue to visit the interior “because they will find me working all over the province back to back for those who suffer the most and those who are neglected. We Chaco deserve to live better, supporting what is right, but marking the differences in the face of injustices and abuses ”.

Finally, he assured: “We are going to build the alternative for the Chaco that is coming” and added: “I want to thank all those who trusted us and committed to continuing to build towards 2023. We await the maturity of those who today have the parliamentary majority to that they can listen to all sectors because from Chaco Cambia we will continue to be the voice and the strength of those who need to be heard ”.

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