Musician Mauricio Figueiral denies having known of alleged sexual abuse of the troubadour Fernando Bécquer

In his first public statements about the complaints against the troubadour Fernando Bécquer for alleged sexual abuse, the musician Mauricio Figueiral He assured that he was unaware of the occurrence of such events and hoped that his colleague would seek a space to “clarify everything that should be clarified.”

One of the five women interviewed by the magazine The sneeze revealed that in 2006, after the events he denounced occurred, told the traumatic experience to Figueiral and he had confided that the behavior of the alleged sexual aggressor was known and admitted by the circle of musicians that accompanied him, which also included Adrián Berazaín.

“A great friend of the years named me as part of your testimony based on a personal problem that you have decided to externalize. Whoever has something to tell me or ask me to tell me or ask me to my face, in front of my family and at the foot of my dignity solid as a wall”, Stated Figueiral in a first post on Facebook.

Then he returned to pronounce on the complaints against Bécquer of sexually abusing five women and said that he had spoken with his colleague and friend about “personal way how it should be done”.

However, he admitted that “no woman, nor any human being should go through a situation that affects their physical or moral integrity. Those situations that describe in the article against Fernando Bécquer they have obviously been for them, Despite the long years that they accept that they have passed. (…) I fully trust that he will find the space and the moment to clarify everything that needs to be clarified ”.

At the request of the troubadour to personally air any concerns about his link with this story, the young woman Kiana Anandra Pérez wrote him a direct message where he asked the reason for his silence and complicit attitude towards the abusive behavior of Fernando Bécquer.

In his responses, Figueiral stated that what was happening in the house and Bécquer’s head was not his problem. The same way, held the victims responsible for not reporting it before and even, and affirmed that the friend who names him in the story “was not then a saint or naive.”

Anandra Perez reproduced the conversation in a Facebook post, authorized by Figueiral himself. In the post, the young woman commented that “blame the sources, saying that so many victims could have been avoided if it had been reported 15 years ago, It seems to me a justification to the aggressor”.

Likewise, in response to the musician’s words, he opined that what was happening in “the head and in the house of that man It is the problem of everyone who knows what he is doing and allows it”. Regarding the scope of Figueiral for being a public figure, he added that this will only be useful when he uses it to “make visible and publicly apologize for these abuse cases that you did know about”.

In addition to Mauricio Figueiral, others Cuban troubadours have defended Fernando Bécquer after allegations of sexual abuse. The ruling party Raúl Torres politicized the matter and stated that the complaints were “fallacies and manipulative hoaxes of people who are angry when a black man speaks in favor of the revolution. ”

Also the troubadour Ray Fernández made use of social networks to support your colleague and friend, making fun of the force of the five accusations, which he described as “women’s shenanigans”, and saying that the research published by The sneeze it was fake news.

The report, in addition to telling the stories of the women abused by Bécquer when they were young college students, it refers to the lack of laws in Cuba that protect against these crimes and that allow to denounce, judge and convict the guilty.

The platform I Yes, I Believe You In Cuba points out that the Family Code in force in Cuba since 1975 it has made no allusion to the violence against women. Furthermore, the country’s legislation does not recognize the effects of psychological violence or cruel physical or mental treatment.

The independent journalist Mario Luis Reyes, author of the investigative report, commented that in the last hours has received dozens of messages from women who, encouraged by their work, want to tell their stories and denounce Fernando Bécquer for sexually abusing them. “Given the avalanche of messages I have received, I have not even been able to figure out how many more people want to testify. Ten, fifteen, twenty, I do not know, “he said.

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