Municipal Theater “Héctor Marinero” begins to close a year of many activities

In this regard, the head of the communal agency, Rafael Castillo, announced that “on December 1 we have two closures: the Wind School directed by Professor Mario Gómez, and the Teen Clown Workshop, and then , on December 6, that of children ”.

Castillo added that “the Theater Workshop dependent on the Secretariat for Children, Adolescents and Family, which is held in this house, is also closing. That will be on December 6. And for December 16 and 17, as part of the celebrations for the anniversary of the city, the Municipal Choir led by teacher Romina Vacca will do the same ”.

Later, he reflected that “we are concluding a year of hard work, very satisfied with what has been done and also closing it with this cherry, which is the trip that the boys of the Clown Workshop can make”.

In this sense, Castillo stressed that “it is a great joy to be able to offer the students the possibility of this trip, and to be able to have an exchange with other casts from different parts of the country.”

“It is very important to highlight this theater center in Río Turbio is important at the national and provincial level, because it brings together casts from different parts of the country,” he emphasized.

Finally, Castillo stressed that “this speaks of the intention of a management that is not only limited to Río Gallegos but also gives the possibility of opening up for our artists to show their work and talent in other places” and in this sense he highlighted “the convocation of the Municipality for this anniversary, where artists from the region will participate, be it from Ushuaia, El Calafate, Caleta Olivia, El Chaltén or the Carboniferous Basin. So, all this speaks of the management’s intention to integrate the regional culture ”.

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