Municipal Clown Workshop of Río Gallegos will be presented in Río Turbio

In this sense, the teacher Silvina Vilanova conveyed the enthusiasm of the students of the workshop, and stated that “it is always a joy to participate in this type of meeting, in our case we are going to show our show ‘Adolesiento’ of which we have several functions done, so we are going with something that already has its journey here in the town ”.

Vilanova stressed that they are also “very happy” with the support of the Municipality that took care of the cost of the tickets. “We are 12 people and that is also good, because you feel that there is a recognition of the work of the workshops, that your work matters, so we are very happy,” he said.

Professor Silvina Vilanova

The Youth Theater Meeting is ten years old, and in this regard Vilanova recalled that “we have already participated in other editions, and precisely last year we also participated virtually. But of course, going back to travel is not comparable, we are all happy because it is also always a joy to meet ”, he closed.

The activity in the Carboniferous Basin will take place from tomorrow Friday to Sunday. In the case of the Clown Workshop, it will be presented on Saturday from the 18th hour in the UNPA auditorium.

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