‘Much Text’ from meme to music in Renee’s voice

The culture of the meme has become a daily bread in social networks. Using phrases like «And what support», «Don’t tell me your life, crack», «Wey, now» and the «Much text», the latter was taken up by the alternative singer Renee who recently released an EP with the same title.

In just three songs, the singer-songwriter tells us about the end of a relationship without so much drama. The premise of the Nuevo León singer is “if it no longer works, then turn it around.”

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«It is an album that represents freedom is my way of being rebellious. Dare to say what I feel and I am expressing saying goodbye in a fun way. I wanted to remove the cliché of relationships. I’m fed up with it and the reality is that you never lose, there is always something to be gained, “she declared. Renee for 24 hours.

Inspired by her ex-partner, the composer also mentioned that creating this EP was complicated because the nostalgia was too much but she managed to capture her feelings in less than 10 minutes by applying the phrase “less is more.”

I’ve never composed anything like this. The process was slow and stressful because I couldn’t find a way to say it. I cried with these issues and remembered why I made that decision. When I put them on, they are a liberation wishing the best to the person and thanking them », he mentioned.

The inspiration for the title came from a popular meme and according to Renee the three themes reflect the duel being with the couple and how it is more inclined to condescension.

«Pursue the life you want for yourself and the rest comes as a consequence. Sometimes we want to eliminate the drama as it is unnecessary. Life is wonderful without drama and doing what you want. “

According to the singer, the new musical generations are key since they are forging a path for the next talents that emerge in the future. The reality is that everything is already done but the thought and the way of running the music industry have paved the way thanks to the internet.

«I am a faithful believer that history repeats itself. In other words, there are new things but we represent a generation of change in saying and thinking things. The truth is I am very surprised how I am around other projects such as Bratty Ed Maverick, Brusses, Humbe, León LeidenHe reflected.

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About the digital age he mentioned. «We had something very difficult to achieve as we integrated into the digital and the real. we are doing things by discovering a gap for the people who come after us.

For Renee this is the beginning of a long career because at the age of 25 she has forged her path and has become a singer who feels and thinks the same as the new generations.

“I think something I can do is focus on creating my own path without looking around. It can be a bit overwhelming at times but I am so grateful and happy to be around talented people. When you are in a place next to successful people it means that you are on that radar. Life is wonderful and mysterious, “he concluded.

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