MSI MAG CH130 I FABRIC: Test & Reviews


  • Maximum Size: 185 cm
  • Maximum weight: 150 kg
  • Coating: Fabric, leather and carbon fibers
  • Cushions : Head & lumbar
  • Adjustability of the backrest: from 90 ° to 150 °
  • Colors: Light gray
  • Guarantee: 3 years (warranty extension possible 2 years)
  • Price : 370,00 €

Simple ranges

MSI, like all manufacturers, try to offer a range adapted to each user. Although this is not a typical product of the brand, a small but noticeable separation is reported between the 110, 120 and 130 series.

  • The CH110: the ancestor of the brand’s armchairs which is doomed to disappear. Present at the beginning to offer a unique range before adding references to the model.
  • The CH120 range: the mid-range of MSI, with in particular a cover in imitation leather and a foam having a density which goes from 40 to 45 kg per m³.
  • The CH130 range: represents the top of the range, with a high density foam, ranging from 45 to 48kg per m³, and a covering either in imitation leather for the X version, or in fabric or even in hydrophobic and scratch-resistant repeltek fabric.


The packaging method differs only very little on all the seats tested. However, we note that the products are packed under bubble protection and on top of each other. If protection is present, the final look may appear less professional than some competitors.


The return of the cat

Coca does not waste any more time and seems to take a certain comfort in positioning itself in all the boxes that we receive. This time, he even allowed himself to carry a cushion in order to make a cozy nest. Of course, the cat doesn’t come with it, but he loves cardboard as much as the seat he is doomed to often sleep on.



Despite the final quality of the seat, its assembly was not easy. For this, a small paper booklet is delivered in order to know the order of assembly. Finally, many screws to remove for assemblies that are not necessarily obvious if this is your first seat. Past that, the elements fit together quite well between them and the screws are already positioned to be sure not to miss any.

Customer service

Directly through the site, it is possible to contact support for any technical question or after-sales service. However, no item is available for purchase alone. It will certainly be necessary to negotiate with the brand depending on the problem to be solved.

Focus on components

Coating and format

Series MAG 130 has only two separate seats, called X and Fabric. These are respectively covered with imitation leather and fabric / leather and carbon fibers. Regarding the format, despite significant characteristics with a maximum size of 1m85 for 150 kg, it remains compact and cramped. A comfortable element, provided you have the appropriate curvatures. Finally, we note that the coating seems robust for a millimeter and smooth assembly.


MSI offers a folder at the top which is refined over time. There are openings adapted to the grip of the lumbar cushion as well as a duo of fabric / leather and carbon fiber cover. Bucket, the center of the backrest is also rounded to accommodate your back more easily and give a pleasant cushioning feeling.


Like the backrest, the covering as well as the high-density foam used offer notable comfort while the structure remains semi-firm. We are happy to see that MSI chose a seat made in one go to avoid openings that would store more waste than anything else. The seat is thus a bucket seat with a fabric / leather and carbon fiber covering like the backrest. The complementarity of the coatings is well thought out while it gives character to the whole. Finally, we note that the seat is slightly curved in its center, for a more plump and less firm feeling.


With the range CH130 we say goodbye to 4D armrests to make way for 2D. These only have the basics of modification: move forward and backward (which engages without a button) as well as a beat up / down. They are also narrower and have a flat contact area.

You should therefore be careful, during intensive use, not to be disturbed by the edges of the armrests, on which you stand quickly and which are quite stiff. A choice certainly justified for the lower price of the product.

Frame and finishes

It is undoubtedly here that the points which concern us the most are located. Against a large number of competitors, MSI does not take great care on the finishes. If these have no impact on the classic use of the seat as well as its comfort, it is all the same the first contact with the product that can indicate the final care taken by MSI. We thus find some paint chips, roughly sanded or even drilled welds …

Finally, the whole frame is made of steel which makes it heavier, but also more resistant. The seat does not become coarser and the whole is visually pleasing.


We don’t really know what to think about it. They are easy to assemble, are medium in size compared to the competition, and do not have brakes. If everything seems OK, our question is about sliding.

Indeed, let yourself go back and, without friction of the wind, it is possible to find yourself in Antarctica. The glide is good, even excellent, but will require mastering to stop before hitting objects or even other people in the room.


The piston

The support part is also one of the most important of your seat since it recovers the efforts and compensates for them. However, we will not go into details. Announced Class 4, it is simply a battery of tests to which it responded positively. The piston has a cover. However, we note that the support structure seems fragile at first glance and especially in comparison to the competition. Nevertheless, this doubt is removed with use without preventing us from thinking about it.

The cushions

Where all the competitors try to stand out through the quality and comfort of their cushions, MSI offers two fairly simple elements, but no less comfortable. We therefore find the head cushion as well as the back cushion. These are equipped with a high density foam without shape memory. If this last point may seem disturbing, it remains atypical, but very comfortable since it allows us to take advantage of a force return allowing our head or back not to sink too far.

Adjustment and toggle

Like many seats, it is possible to rotate and tilt the seat, but also to stop it. If we list a maximum tilt angle of 150 °, where others offer 180 °, it remains largely profitable and has an additional tilt angle of 15 ° (pivot on frame). The system is very classic, it is made up of two handles, one of which is used to adjust the backrest while the second is assigned to the tilting of the seat and its height position. The latter also allows the seat to be blocked.

To finish

In order to give you a better vision of the seat in the heart of a play or work environment, here is something to visually satisfy you with the product present in our different configurations. If the finishes of the chassis remain quite disappointing, the final rendering of the seat is clean, uncluttered and above all worked for a rendering as pleasing to the eye as to use.

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