Motorine thieves arrested in Camagüey

Various individuals dedicated to robbery with violence of motorinas in the head municipality of Camagüey They were detained by forces of the Ministry of the Interior (MININT) and are under judicial process, according to the official Cuban press.

“From the incidence of the theft of motorboats in the Camagüey municipality, a confrontation team was formed to investigate these events, which made it possible to identify the perpetrators,” he explained in a report from the Caribbean Channel Major Yosbel Miranda Infante, criminal instructor in the case.

Miranda Infante said that the thieves identified the victims who circulated mainly at night, followed them and used knives to carry out the robbery.

The aforementioned media did not specify the number of individuals arrested or the exact number of recovered motorcycles, although the report allows us to appreciate that there are a dozen.

One of the motorists who benefited from the operation said he was “eternally grateful for the work of the police” because he recovered something that he considered lost.

Many Internet users reacted with satisfaction to the arrest of the thieves, although there was no shortage of people who reminded the MININT the official note published at the end of the year which tried to act as a denial of the increase in criminal acts and underlined the use of cases and images from previous years on social networks.

“Didn’t they say it was a lie? You are always trying to cover the sun with a finger, “wrote a netizen in the comments section of Caribbean Channel.

“So was it true or a lie? A few days ago the MININT published a note denying that there was an increase in motorcycle robberies. Now only in the province in a single operation do they capture a few criminals. So if there are robberies, “said a second commentator.

“That is what they have to do, persecute people who vandalize and harm, not young people who think differently, perhaps if that were the case, everything would work much better”, sentenced a woman.

In mid-December the alarm was raised by the Electric Motorcycle Club, which denounced on Facebook the increase in assaults on some of its members.

“We ask the government to do something about it now! Cuba has always had the motto to the world that we are a safe country where we can walk and drive safely on our streets. Today we do not feel safe,” they said in a statement. .

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