Motorcyclist collided with a bus and fractured his skull «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

One 37 year old motorcyclist he fractured his skull when he crashed into a bus last night at the intersection of avenida Jorge Newbery Y Our Lady of Schoenstatt.

According to official sources, the victim is admitted to the Interzonal Hospital, where he was admitted with a skull fracture and several polytraumatisms and his prognosis is reserved.

The event was recorded on Friday night, when, for investigative reasons, a Yamaha motorcycle hit the rear left with a bus line 511.

As a result of the impact, the motorcyclist was lying on the ground and an ambulance from the UTOI that was present in the area transferred him from the emergency room to the Interzonal Hospital. Personnel from the fifth police station went to the scene and traffic agents carried out a breathalyzer test on the bus driver, which was negative.

The fact is investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office for Guilty Crimes, from where they described what happened as “culpable injuries”.

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