Motorcycle crash with "almond" leave a deceased in El Cotorro

A collision between an old car, known in Cuba as “almendrón”, with a low-displacement motorcycle caused the death of a young man on Tuesday and serious injuries to his companion, according to social networks.

A post from the Facebook group ‘Buses & Trucks Accidents. For more experience and fewer victims! ‘He gave an account of the event that occurred in Cotorro, Havana, and shared images of the accident, in addition to reporting the death of the motorcycle driver.

Screenshot Facebook / Bus & Truck Accidents

“Accident in El Cotorro leaves a deceased person and his companion in a delicate state of health”, published the user Eddy Domínguez, sharing several snapshots of the scene of the events, which some Internet users identified as Bello Palmar, on the Central Highway.

Users identified the victim as a young man named Abelito, a neighbor of El Cerro. According to a netizen commented to CiberCubaIt was about a young man, whom he described as “a good and hard-working boy, who got along very well with everyone.”

“My Abelito, damn it, what a great pain I feel in my heart. I have it shattered. I don’t think so.That’s how good you were! Rest in peace, friend ”, expressed the user Naivis González in the comments to the publication.

Screenshot Facebook / Bus & Truck Accidents

At the moment the official version of what happened is unknown, although some Internet users commented that the accident occurred because “the right of way” had not been respected, but without specifying which driver violated it.

“The one with the car was the culprit. He ended the life of a great boy, one of those who no longer exist ”, the aforementioned Facebook user replied again. For his part, the person who was traveling as a passenger on the motorcycle is reported as serious due to the injuries suffered and, apparently, he would be the one who had notified friends or relatives of the death of the driver of the motorcycle with registration number P91773.

Screenshot Facebook / Bus & Truck Accidents

At the beginning of October, the presence of a pothole on a road in Camagüey caused an accident between two motorcycles, which collided and ended up overturned on the road, without apparently their drivers suffering serious injuries. The incident occurred on the Plaza Méndez bridge, in the capital of Camaguey.

On September 29, a woman passed away after an accident in which a motorcycle and a truck were involved on a highway, also in the province of Camagüey, between Martí and Guáimaro. Despite the fact that the truck ended up overturned in the ditch and the motorcycle did not show great damage, the passenger of the motorcycle died.

A day before, but in Santiago de Cuba, a motorcyclist died after a tragic accident occurred at the intersection of Paseo de Martí and Avenida Moncada. A witness to the incident specified that the motorcycle driver was the alleged “offender” after trying to pass a truck. For her part, a friend of the victim told CiberCuba that the deceased was José Arrate Mineto, 48 years old and resident on Calvario Street.

Between January and August of this year, Cuba registered 303 deaths in traffic accidents, four more than the number of deaths in the same stage of 2020, according to data from the National Road Safety Commission (CNSV). Specialists point out that “the human factor” would have been responsible for 94.3% of the claims.

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