More than half of the unemployed in Sancti Spíritus rejected government job offers

More than half of the unemployed people in the province of Sancti Spíritus have rejected job offers offered by the local government, to a large degree due to the low salaries of the available places.

Yudiana Afonso, coordinator of Programs and Objectives in the provincial governmenthe told the official newspaper Escambray that only the 49% of 9,814 job seekers have accepted the offers.

We have municipalities like Development and Taguasco that do not have offers, except in self-employment ”, said Alfonso

The official added that they are doing a conciliation system with all state entities , mainly in the business sector, to look for these sources of employment. He also explained that the interest of the authorities is strengthen the area of ​​agriculture, an area with the greatest need for a workforce.

As a cause of the negative numbers of this indicator, Alfonso pointed out the implementation of theto call Task Sorting, focused on restructuring the country’s monetary system, by unify the Cuban peso and the CUC, causing an excessive increase in the prices of the most necessary services and products and affecting the purchasing power of Cubans.

The increasing difficulties of the settlers to find employment in Cuba were in evidence when, in September 2021, the Guantanamo Danayanni Acosta He denounced what he has suffered for years to feed his children because, although he has tried, you cannot find a job that gives you a stable and decent income to meet the needs of your children.

Also last year, the Minister of Economy, Alejandro Gil, admitted the failures of the Ordering Task. Until April, at least 508 state-owned companies had losses, thus affecting the salary of their workers, for which the government had to allocate 18 million pesos to subsidize the payment.

In February 2021, More than 6,000 residents in Havana rejected the job offers they received from the capital government. By that date, more than 10,600 people had gone to the municipal work directorates interested in finding a position, only 4,552, less than half, accessed the available offers.

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