More than a son-in-law for him: Ricardo Montaner calls "son" to Camilo, husband of his daughter Evaluna

Ricardo Montaner he is a loving father to all his children, although it is certain that he has a special weakness for the least of all, Evaluna Montaner, the youngest and also his only daughter. An affection that has also extended to his only son-in-law, the Colombian singer Camilo Echeverry, whom he considers one more son.

Everyone knows the great relationship between the patriarch of the Clan and Evaluna’s husband. On countless occasions in recent years, he has expressed the affection he feels towards him and how united they are. And so it happened once again in the last few hours when the interpreter of “Bésame” dedicated an emotional post on Instagram to his son-in-law.

The artist hung a photo album with the Colombian that he titled “My son.” Two simple words but loaded with meaning for them because of the deep love they have.

These words moved the interpreter of “Vida de Rico”, who is deeply grateful to his father-in-law, whom he not only adores, but also admires. “I love you little father-in-law! Thank you so much! Today I saw you and I remembered again that I not only love you but that I deeply admire you … even what is inside the little bones,” Evaluna’s husband said in the comment that left him.

Next month will be two years since Evaluna and Camilo’s wedding, which in addition to consolidating at this time in one of the most solid and acclaimed marriages in Latin music, are about to become daddies.

It was in October when the young couple announced that they were expecting their first child, a baby they named Indigo before knowing her gender.

Ricardo Montaner is totally excited about the arrival of this baby and in the video he published to say goodbye to 2021 he revealed when could Indigo come into their lives.

“It will be a wonderful year for everyone, I hope that it will also be a beautiful year for you, I am waiting for the arrival of a grandson or granddaughter in the month of April – end of March”, revealed the singer, who a few days ago He also welcomed another member to his family: Stefi Roitman, the wife of his son Ricky Montaner.

Their wedding took place on January 8 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and It was full of emotional moments and famous guests who did not miss the union between the singer and the actress.

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