More than a hundred days of decrease in cases and the lowest ICU occupancy of the year

The coronavirus notifications They carry more than one hundred days of descent in Argentina, with a current average of fewer than 3,400 cases and 130 deaths per day, while 2,172 patients with Covi-19 are in intensive care units (ICU), a figure that is among the lowest values ​​recorded since August 2020.

“If we consider the average number of daily cases, we have decreased for more than 100 days and although there were some small load alterations that caused this decrease to be greater or less than some days, in general terms we can say that since the beginning of June the curve shows a downward slope, “the teacher and researcher told Télam Soledad Retamar.

Retamar, who is part of the Database Research Group (GIBD) of the Concepción del Uruguay Regional School, dependent on the National Technological University (UTN), explained that, “with the data from last Thursday, the average number of daily cases taking the last seven days was 3,342 and the death rate was 130 “.

The decrease in contagions has an impact, of course, on hospitalizations and the deceased. “In the UTIs, for example, we are at values ​​that we did not have since August 2020, that is, since before the ‘peak’ of the first wave,” said Retamar.

The decrease in cases, hospitalizations and deaths from Covid-19 is mainly the result of the advancement of the vaccination plan in Argentina, which “has already reached 63 percent of the total population with at least one dose and 39 percent with complete schedules. “said biochemist and data analyst Santiago Olszevicki based on official information.

“The groups with the highest mortality are vaccinated over 90 percent with one dose and 80 percent with both,” he said.
“Delta has predominated in Israel for almost three months. In this period it had a record number of cases and had half the daily deaths than in the last wave. Currently, with more than 80 percent of adults vaccinated, it has 661 seriously ill patients. by Covid: 430 are not vaccinated, “said Olszevicki.

(Source: Telam)

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