More Pfizer Vaccines Arrive Today Targeting Teens

A shipment with others 160,290 doses of coronavirus vaccines, of the contract signed by Nación with the Pfizer laboratory for a total of 20 million doses for this year, It will arrive in the country and will be added to the more than 60 million that have been available since the beginning of the vaccination plan.

As officially reported, the vaccines will arrive at Ezeiza International Airport at noon this Wednesday, on American Airlines flight AA991.

This batch will be added to the 100,620 injections received at the beginning of the month and which have already been distributed to all the provinces.

It was also specified that the flights that carry these sera, coming from the United States, will continue to arrive until reaching the 580,000 planned for this month.

In addition, in October, November and December, shipments of the remaining almost 19.5 million that include the contract signed in August will be completed.

According to the decision of the health authorities, the vaccines produced by the Pfizer laboratory that enter the country this month will be destined for adolescents.

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