Monte Hermoso lives an extra long weekend with almost 100% occupancy

The Secretary of Tourism of Monte Hermoso, Franco Gentili, highlighted the level of occupancy that the spa is maintaining during this extra-long weekend, with 100% in hotel capacity and 90% in registered cabin and apartment complexes.

“We cannot say that we are surprised, because we expected a weekend with a lot of tourists. It was something that we saw reflected in the numbers we had during the week because, beyond the accommodation, many people who have their second residence in the city and those who came to spend the day joined, “he said.

The official stressed that, at all times, a Monte Hermoso filled with tourists could be seen both on the beach and in other outdoor spaces.

“This makes us very happy, and it is a reflection of what we had been observing during the previous weekends,” he said. Panorama, which is issued by “LU2”-. Since the pandemic and the release of restrictions, there has been a change in the paradigm and enjoyment, which has to do with outdoor activities. Luckily, people keep choosing us ”.

In this regard, he stressed that this is a particular weekend for the spa, since it marked the return of sports and cultural activities, with the Aguas Frías championship and the presentation of Gato Peters at the Cultural Center.

“Now we are aiming for the Beer Festival and the opening of the season in December, with food and beer trucks and live bands. Also, in November there will be more sporting events. We estimate that it may be one of the best seasons in recent years, “he assured.

As for the commercial sector, he acknowledged that he has worked well during these days and stressed that “today is still missing.”

“It is good news for business to have a weekend like this. We have many people who came to spend the day, all the businesses worked very well and the same can be said of the accommodation, which was one of the hardest hit during the pandemic ”, he said.

This, he continued, also represents a “breath of fresh air to face the summer season in a different way.”

Finally, he considered that the program launched by the provincial government to pay part of the trip for graduates to students who are in their last year “is a very good policy.”

“For those young people who do not have the economic possibility, it is a very important strategy. In addition, money is injected directly into the tourism sector, a key issue for its reactivation. For destinations like ours, out of season we will have contingents of boys, which will surely make us one of the beneficiaries ”, he concluded.

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