Monsters of the Paraná River: they fish and return a giant ray in Corrientes

The south of the province continues to give incredible surprises to lovers of fishing; in this case a very particular and little expected one. Three fishermen captured a giant stingray in the Paraná River and returned it to its habitat after several hours of fighting and photos for the story.

The corners Nicolás Monzón, Juan Bautista Balbuena and Ariel Machado did not imagine that Tuesday’s siesta would give them such a trophy. In the pause of their work they went out to the Paraná River towards the Aguaraí area, near the town, and in the second pass they ran into the beast.

Photo: Nicolás Monzón

“We went to nap for a little while, at the exit from Esquina, as I work morning and afternoon and it was given to us. We made two passes, the first one we took out a surubí and the second, the line. We were trolling with a decoy and at one point one one of my companions hooks something, we returned and threw the anchor to try to recover it and there he began to escape, “explained Nicolás Monzón.

Photo: Nicolás Monzón

“We thought about cutting the line because it was very big. At one point it went to the shallow, we hooked it with another rod and after three hours we were able to lift it. We took it to the coast because it was impossible to lift it onto the boat,” he added to The Two.

Finally, he laughed that he ended up being a few minutes late for work.

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